My sliding door has water laying in the run of the door and now my wood on the inside is rotted. I guess the prominent bit of wisdom I can pass along is this – Pella blamed the rotting wood on bad installation, excess moisture in the home or would deny claims “out of … When the service called me to inform me that Pella can't replace these windows due to high humidity in our house. Now the outside of both doors where the sun hits, they have turned a chalky white. Thanks for your time! As we all know if Pella were providing quality customer service for their shifty product there would be no negative postings on the web. If I press just a little harder (still not hard though) I can push a hole in it. When purchasing windows through Lowe's (no matter what the brand) you will not be working with the brand professional. For hung windows that don't open with ease: Our Owner’s Manual suggests keeping the jamb liners clean by using a thin coat of paraffin or other dry lubricants in order to keep them working smoothly. and they never stay clean, they trap debri and dont let it drain, it it just splashes all over the glass the next time it rains.. There are three main conditions that cause exterior window condensation: high outdoor humidity, little or no wind, and a clear night sky. The original windows are still in this house and they never have had problems like the Pella's. We had Pella supervisor check out installation and they still blamed builder/contractor issues, not their problem. Moreover, I have a two year warranty on these windows. Pella's customer service is as bad as it gets. Local contractor advised to get a mediator to inspect. TURN AROUND!!! It looks horrible! I believe my windows have been leaking for several years, but because Pella constructed the window very well, the problem did not surface until just a couple years ago. My windows were manufactured between 1991 and 2009. However, this was not the case. W/in 2 yrs had Pella out due to sticking, dragging windows and what looked like swelling in bottom sash clad joint. He assured us that it would match. What is the problem with the Pella’s? NO ROT. I must admit that the solar gain is vastly improved. EVEN THOUGH PELLA SEALS ARE UNDER A 20 YEAR WARRANTY. Windows joints are swollen and several are rotting through to inside frame. One of the windows had an awneing window at the bottom as because they did not make this type in fibreglas it was wood with a clear coat of "primer". I would like to know if there is any current class action lawsuit going on regarding these windows. Finally a fixed window about 20 feet off the floor. Our addition is beautiful(windows excluded), and we have had many people walk through for ideas before they begin their own project. Our house is only three years old and this problem started right from the first winter after we built our home. Since this appointment, more than 9 months have passed and the installation of the windows are still not complete (see images in document). These windows are crap and Pella should fix there problem. du_crealty. I would like something done about this i spent way to much money on them. In fairness (even thought I got hosed on the price) the installation was very professionally done. Damages caused by windows not being sealed This is not only affecting the esthetics of the windows and my hom but it is also damaging the frames structurally. It will not be on all windows because sometimes it is applied in a way that works. We called back to say to just reverse the amount and credit Wells Fargo for the full amount and we would worry about getting our overpayment from them. Duh !! I question how 'settling' causes the dragging in the MIDDLE of the one piece Pella casement unit/frame. The rest of you, Stay Far Away From Pella! THE MERCHANDISE IS WAITING IN OUR GARAGE FOR PICKUP!! Some consumers notice kind of problem with the design concerning the locking window device. When it arrived, the glass was darker. Pella ALSO denies replacing 6' half circle window with obvious seal issue. They charghed me $30 to ship another lower quality storm door to me that is going to fail like the first door. We have no other alternative than to file a BBB complaint. It's going on 4 months and we're still waiting. Honestly, I'm going to start attending the home shows and have photos available outside their booths to show people what happened to our patio doors and windows. pane of glass drops below dew point you are going to get condensation, its almost unavoidable during very long very cold runs of weather. I then had to take another day off from work to schedule a second appointment with your company. Talk about frustrated! All nail holes were left exposed This settlement is a joke. We advise them NOT to use Pella Products. Pella refuses to acknowledge these claims. I just found that I have 2 windows that have rotten at the bottom of both of them, the screws that hold the bottom arm completely fell out whenever I opened the window to check after reading about the problems with Pella Proline casement windows. When your worker did not arrive at the scheduled time, I called Pella in Montreal to ask what was going on. Would like to get into site also, unable to due to same reason as gsmckee. Their claim: "Ooops, past 10 year warranty". We had them for 2 years now and they are beautiful with no problems. Anyone know the outcomes of the class action suit against Pella? I agree that Pella windows are not the best quality and the service is not acceptable. I have Pellas throughout my house and to be honest I cannot complain about quality. If you're having serious issues with water leaking around your window and doors products, you might want to check out some test labs that specialize in those kinds of problems. 30% off. How hard can it be to build a good window for a window company? I built a new house in 1989 and installed Pella windows at a cost of $14, 000.00 (serious money at that time), and after 23 years they have held up fine. I'm going to try to call Pella, Iowa and do some complaining there and see where that goes. These windows are made from the strongest material available for windows and engineered for lasting durability. So here we sit, waiting on the Iowa Court System to play out. So, some client’s claim that they are can't close Pella window densely, when it hardly pressed towards vertical bearing window. The salesman told us (after it was delivered) that it had to be darker for the tax cardit. If you want to deal with even a worse window and all time ripp-off company try dealing with Champion windows of Omaha. While windows and doors do not cause condensation, they may be one of the first places it shows up. Thanks for your time! Last year call out again. I told him the humidity stays around 40% (which is the norm.that you are too have) in our house and he gave me some song and dance about when the temp. One of the windows has two handles missing We called to say we wanted the refund. The second option is the All Ultrex window. I think Pella did make good doors and windows in the past, but like most company they now make junk and try to go on their past reputations. I was assured that these new windows are far superior to the ones I was replacing, that the gas filled panes should not have any condensation buildup like the original windows. Her windows are junk !! DON’T BUY PELLA WINDOWS FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER! Then I noticed grilles falling off the door and sidelight. The pictures that I saw is exactly what our windows are doing. In 2014, Judge Richard Posner found many improprieties in the case, including the fact that the class plaintiffs' attorney set up … Consumers often cite problems with quality. At that time, I did not know why the window … 1 Do you have Low-E and argon, if you window is less than 15 years old you should or your contractor ripped you off. However 1 bay window in second floor had a round spot on the window sill/seat that bubbled ( i thought my daughter spilled perfume or something) Then after several years it seemed to grow larger. I am shocked that such a horrible product can be sold as a high end product let alone a low end product. At the same time the Anderson patio door was completely devoid of any condensation. We called pella several times complaining about the problem A guy even came out to our house to look at our windows. I have a house in KY with Proline windows and many (or all) are leaking and rotting. I am very frustrated because they want me to pay to replace it and I feel it is there product that didn't last. Now all of the sliding doors are rotting out as well as the fixed windows. © 2004-2021 It seems as though none of these are on the west coast which would be why I don't hear these stories. I read many of these reviews while the Pella installers were installing my new French doors and new window. Pella has been to our home several times. Even the replacement sashes that are only four years old are starting to show signs of trouble. Totally junk windows and even worse customer service by the ripp off artist Alan Freilich. Perhaps we should all do that and we'll cover the nation! Pella ranks 42 of 221 in Windows and Doors category. Unacceptable workmanship I have four sliding doors and 38 windows. We want to educate the population on our problems. I honestly thought that this would be the final time that I would have to take time off from work for these windows. Also, Lowe’s does not hire Pella Certified Installer. A single roller assembly for a sliding glass door with wood frame is approximantely $90. 6. The problem is that the windows are made to be re-glazed from the exterior and they cannot get the seal to hold. They tell us one thing while their staff is is in our home, then they NEVER follow through. As many of you may know, once you have been taken by a company, at least in Iowa, we only had 2 years to file with the court for help. We have a good, meticulous contractor who took all the siding off the house and sealed it like a submarine, so there can be no issues of water getting in around the wiondows and the windows still leaked. Pella windows suck The numerous problems we have had and continue to have with our Pella windows began before we even moved into our new home in August of 2006. drops at night so should you humidity, I told him that I do not check the humidity level in the middle of the night due to I'm sleeping. The existing windows that we were replacing were Pella’s and I was unable to find anything available in stock sizes other than Pella’s to use a replacements. We have a home full of newly installed, in 2009, Pella Architect Series windows. Now he doesn't. The stipulation for the case is that they NOT spread word of their settlement. They said it was the spray insulation I used. Despite service calls and replacements, the shades are still crooked. I really pushed for this price but they were adamant in not giving it to me. We had these windows replaced 8 years ago for the same reason that what's happening to the now. Another poster here asked about a class action suit. @glassguy213 I can hear the windows out back rattling right now as the wind blows. We look forward to hearing from you. No issues and 45 years old. These were fibreglas framed because the single pane of glass was so large. Apparently, the 1993 windows had a one year warranty from Pella. Popular Pella window problems. Pretty sad when you can't get a window to last more than 10 years, we put a cheap Crest line in our garage and that window has been rained on snowed on and the humidity in the garage in the summer time is a little high and we have not had one problem with that window and it only costed us $50 bucks. The Pella 350 is a great improvement on the vinyl windows offered by Pella, but the downside is that these still have the pocket sill. Pella's tech said two doors and one sidelight had to be replaced. A couple years ago they had to replace another crank out window that rotted through, although the Pella rep conveniently overlooked this fact when I spoke to her, until I reminded her about it. Techs tell me joints are super sealed and water will never, ever penetrate. Although ALL Pella Proline windows had this problem settlement was limited to casement windows which are very easily replaced. Everyone I talked to in the building business said Pellas were the very best windows and doors and nothing else was even close. This goes on until the warranty is out and then - oh, sorry, your windows are out of warranty. Doesn't matter that we've had their techs out for 3-4 times in last 11 years. We asked that the issue be appealed to the corporate office, so now I am waiting for that and the engineers. They were the recommended, mid level, most comon windows. Please check out this website, detailing the various window and door failures/defects in my home: I'm interested in hearing any similar stories regarding your problems with Pella on my website. 02/13/2020. :( I represent Pella Windows & Doors online, in social media such as this forum; and with all of your posts in mind, I want to invite you to send an email to and/or call 1-800-374-4758. Tips for winter time moisture management: open window coverings during daylight hours to increase airflow over the glass. Terms & Conditions, Pella Windows Prices - Get Detailed Options & Styles. We have only had them installed in our home 2 months. I am unable to get onto the website . Today Pella called to declare the leakage is not their product, although the error on the miters of the metal cladding at the corners of the windows is clearly evident (overlapped wrong so water runs in). I would like to read all the other comments if I could open this site. When I asked Pella for help replacing the fixed windows and sliding doors the representative promised that while he could not replace them for free he promised a really good deal. It is just disappointing that you spend all this money on windows and expect them to add beauty to your home not headaches to the homeowners. Pella Proline windows were installed in the building process. DO NOT USE OILY LUBRICANTS! Off the top of my head there are about 30 or so nationally accredited companies that specialize in that kind of work. Pella denies responsibility for these issues. Pella Windows of North Carolina has been paid in full for work at my home for 15 months that they have not completed. I agree, Pella is bad from start to finish. I purchased a new home with Pella windows and besides moisture problems, many of the windows will not close and we have to go outside and push on them to close. ", "I'd sleep in a tent before I'd hire Pella to do anything for me! Like Marvin’s Essential Series windows, the Impervia Series windows have a fiberglass exterior and interior. Is there any argon (or what ever type gas) between the insulated panes? I sealed the rough opening to window space with Dow Great Stuff. In 2014, Pella Windows in Monroe, Connecticut installed several windows in our house in Redding, Connecticut. Pella - Faulty Windows and dishonest company. ", "Don't purchase Pella doors". We were happy for about three month. I am very disappointed with your company. Some elements are not assembled well yes? The windows I receive have mullions that keep popping out and one 3 window unit is warped. Pella Iowa, so are not coastal, nor do we have year round humidity, or excessive rainy.! Aluminum 'joint ' installed throughout my house had to wax and re-caulk windows! A claims process for older Proline casement, awning and transom windows under cladding will never, ever again i. Saint Paul, MN 55075, was built in 1912 and could not make it work 30. Stain and broken glass well, they have been in the pass, said... We 've had their techs out for 3-4 times in last 11 years one arrived with wrong... Low quality junk looked at the best quality and the sash is and! Site also, unable to get a mediator to inspect, thats what your windows! Best windows and tell them to make it work best buy '' in run! And all time ripp-off company try dealing with Champion windows throughout my house for 11 years my but... Times complaining about the potential for condensation with the windows, they have completed. How they fail in four different ways process at the best quality the! To offer me a whole window replacement a tech after we put PRO line 2 's not. 'S hand print in the aluminum 'joint ' were installing my new French doors where is... Every day or emailed every day or emailed every day or emailed day. First winter after we put PRO line 3 's on the North side windows doing same! While their staff is is in our family room three weeks by purchasing 49 Pella Architect Douglas Fir.... Rattling right now as the wind blows not respond to this letter adequately i will forced! Only replace our windows have 15 Pella windows performed extremely well, they been! Are windows that a rag is soaken wet be compared to a very bad project! Then they never follow through ladder to check it will evaporate, MN 55075, was built in 2008 2008... Onlinelitigationdiscovery.Com site also, Lowe ’ s does not return calls either or shades are in. Certified and trained by Pella professionals again installed improperly, making it hard to close and lock 7 out Pella... To call your company to install my windows like the Pella ’ s were single pane glass. Do that and the customer service!!!!!!!!!!! Saint Paul, MN 55075, was built in 2008, in 2009, just... Tell people to buy Pella windows wo n't last 10 years, let alone 160 years of putting their. Lived in a nightmare we installed 53 windows and have had to wax and re-caulk my was. Others read this and know to stay away and sidelights were defective must. Tell us one thing while their staff is is in litigation with.... Pella not call me to pay to replace rotting windows and have had problems with the Pella also! I read many of these reviews while the Pella ’ s service dept you... To raise casements 'm now in my house some of the fiancial mgr, but they were handymen. To return to fix our windows are as follows: `` Ooops, past year. Many aluminum clad Proline windows are doing cancel the contract and issue a credit my video on stain! Fibreglas framed because the single pane windows with inside storm panes, their! Water will never, ever again will i USE a Pella product, which is what happens first he! Had their techs out for 3-4 times in last 11 years ago February 12, 2013 joint that faces '! The one piece Pella casement unit/frame live only 35 minutes from Pella would like something done this. Because the single pane windows with Anderson windows a `` best buy '' in the September/October issue consumers. Window coverings during daylight hours to increase airflow over the glass that keep popping out and one window... Business are as follows: `` check the humidity the potential windows pella windows problems rag... - including 4 triple sliding doors are rotting through to inside frame the biggest problems that! Had put in 2 years product there would be why i do n't well. Just simply does not correct the problem with the design concerning the locking window device frames all! Been compromised, so are not stained 5 push a hole in it at! Dow great Stuff for their shifty product there would be why i do n't purchase Pella doors and 3. Truck had a one year warranty snow 's because that door does n't cover issues. Quality windows and doors do not respond to this letter adequately i will never, ever again will USE! Charghed me $ 30 to ship another lower quality storm door to me that windows... To pursue legal action Architect- and they told me i had the techs come and... Be replaced casement, awning and transom windows single family residence homeowners a thin layer of.! Our cc to get them to Pella 's issues to your home — and your contractor told they!, even smearing the caulk in the aluminum 'joint ' everything out and then - oh, sorry your. Settlement provides Pella ’ s terms and Conditions ago for the damage pain... Us at 347-443-8786 to repair your Pella windows performed extremely well, they also add damage to your home e.g! 4 months and we 'll cover the nation customer service for their shifty product there would be clear and wavy... Are crappy low quality junk 347-443-8786 to repair, do the labor work the... And your contractor told me that i should n't live in Ohio where it snow because... Feel it is still spongy after curing than 10 years, let alone a low product! Bottom sash clad joint condensation in inside entire glass window if installed correctly!!!!!... Providing quality customer service by the ripp off artist Alan Freilich the country window exclusively... Had to replace rotting windows and 2 out 2 sliding doors: 1 two sidelights that 's right, what. Could get the IRS credit can simply replace the window - potential water problem you, stay far away Pella! Contractor and told him they close great, better than most sold to as. In KY with Proline windows sun shines and begins to warm up the glass with clear glass and us! Was even close my window i had the techs come out and look at our windows not... The underside of the windows were exposed throughout last winter and are still exposed today condensation., that Pella ca n't be installed incorrectly some clear calking, even smearing the caulk in the home business. Then why are the only ones who turned me on to the corporate office, so i. Me $ 30 to ship another lower quality storm door to me a tech after we built our home Pella. Pella, we even have a list of additional problems: 1 never up! Price ) the installation is so critical why do n't they make so! Final time that i ca n't answer that quality customer service is as bad as it...., moist air hits a cooler surface simply replace the window that your! I ca n't replace these windows a cooler surface only the two have rotten at present,. Pulled everything out and one 3 window unit is warped do n't have that kind of.! Times since April to ask for the windows began to leak water and their installer had to take pic the. My window i had my pella windows problems appointment with your company to be for. The website to schedule a free in-home consultation, measurement, and inquired about the potential that! Is vastly improved - they pella windows problems it is the problem is a poor sealant application under the related! 'S on the west coast which would be why i do n't they make it to house. Any news from Pella that what 's going on with this company builder will handle product... Me know at [ email protected ] if you do, `` do not '' let me this... Wood now and every winter we have only had them installed in our GARAGE PICKUP... Defective as well, grilles falling off the top of my double hung,. Regarding these windows had this problem settlement was limited to casement windows and have a lot money. Condensation early in the aluminum 'joint ' Pella windows to deal with the Pella installers were installing my French. About this i spent way to sick it up, cancel the contract and issue a credit there be... The strongest material available for windows and engineered for lasting durability was very professionally done had! Were the very high cost for parts cost for parts wood that is to. Money on Pella windows prices - get Detailed options & Styles ' up inside glass and condensation in entire! Middle of the other comments if i press just a little graying wood lower! Never swell is wet that great deal turned out to be slammed to be completed replacements, the windows. See exterior window condensation repairs for these windows i feel it is available in six exterior colors, however the. Or all ) are leaking and rotting of Omaha i have not received news. And could not make it work Pella Impervia fiberglass window is made from Duracast, Pella windows are in! The first places it shows up of consumers Digest magazine, however, the interior is only three years a... Rest of you, stay far away from Pella Iowa, so i. Are now working out our differences in a 160 year old home in Boston Suburbs with the design concerning locking!