okay. >> we do not have the same amount of serious crime as maybe the district of columbia. she says her unusual appearance has led to cruelty. >> slaughter was recently removed from the unit for disobeying orders and yelling at other inmates. and jasmine slaughter experiences the loaf. talking about i'm not doing it correctly. he just got mad because he lost the game. two basically declined, did not want to be a part of it. S3, E9 Bat Out of Hell Tony feels the weight of his mistake as Angela vows to start over. she got shot in the head. >> you can laugh about it now obviously. but the other guy had more people in his favor. An illustration of a magnifying glass. he started the entire thing. i mean, that really made me feel a lot better, that i could let it out to somebody else. HACKENSACK — The Bergen County Jail will get its 15 minutes of fame in March.. Or rather, six episodes featured on MSNBC's prison documentary series "Lockup.". what i do is i just basically keep my head on straight by not thinking about what i'm here for, you know. >> but elmore has a reputation for fight. the way i keep my peace, the way i sleep at night is by reading this book right here. >> last time i talked to him was last month when i got a letter from him. everyone asks me that. quintella, kanesha -- >> they have a right to get their story out. Season 18, Episode 7 | Aired on. >> you don't pay no attention, claiborne, do you? when you want friends, you try to -you do things to impress people. >> slaughter pled not guilty but admits to a history of stealing. Watch Full Episodes: Lockup Extended Stay. what size, that didn't mean nothing to me. >> people make fun of you sometimes. but i guess she was upset about that, so she start fussing at everyone and had a lot of loud outbursts. your get those specially made. Lockup S18E07. i'm like, i mean, what else can i do? i'm not going nowhere. >> why isn't it in its original container? >> they call me giraffe, call me pterodactyl, they call me all types of [ bleep ]. Do not forget to switch keyboard layout to the English. even since the last time that you were before me for a hearing, you caught another charge for defacing county property and were given five days' suspended d.s. 5. let me finish this up. ugh. >> having all these girls picking on her, it seems so unfair to me. >> i don't hide behind anything. davis also pled guilty but was sentenced to five years. >> ginger lucas is serving nine months after pleading guilty to selling crack cocaine to an undercover officer. the same exact thing. >> went up the steps crying, like, "it's on now." Yet again I'm harassed by Fairfax County, Virginia Police Dept. Lockup season 18 episode 7 Fairfax County jail: Extended Stay : Female inmate requires the staff's special attention; new inmate deals with life on the tough side; an inmate is offered an improvement in condition. eat it beat it ♪ >> i just got bad news [ bleep ] -- >> i'm ready to give up. i'm just a little depressed, you know, behind it. i just need your signature on my copy. >> i do strip sometimes. and it turned them on. that's also punishable up to 15 daysed, i'm giving you 15 days of that, i'm going to suspend eight days of that as well. >> hit me on this side of my face here. >> even a discarded tissue in the female housing unit brings a reprimand. that god allowed me to be in this situation so that i might submit fully to his will for my life instead of just living a life of partiality. Join us behind bars at Fairfax County Jail in this all-new episode premiering Saturday, September 6 at 10 p.m. >> you know she ain't got no eyebrows, no eyelashes. so i try to keep it in my, you know -- coming up -- >> i'm the one person that motivated everybody on the block as far as, you know, reading the bible and doing everything that's right. >> slaughter's not the only inmate on the move. >> jasmine slaughter's two-week stay in disciplinary segregation is almost complete. >> so he hit you? now back to "lockup." it kind of hurts. but -- only god knows right now, you know? >> yes, ma'am. it was in a very disrespectful manner. could have been worse. >> i don't want to go back doing what i was doing before to get me in all this trouble. today, they will plead their cases in hopes of staying out of the harsh confines of. >> inmate elmore didn't want to tell the story, inmate franklin did, therefore we took the time to speak with other inmates in the block to determine what actually occurred. >> it's like every part of my body's been used sexually at, least once. Buy. >> this guy, frank, he's crazy, man. >> if you can have a seat on the bench out in the hallway. 6. i wrote everything down so i don't forget nothing, okay. Rate. so we can concentrate more on all the little things. missing him. Fairfax County jail: Extended Stay • 22:00 • MSNBC • 2014-07-12 & 405 personnes ont vu cet épisode . i told you i was dismissing that charge outright. ‘Lockup,’ MSNBC reality show, films six episodes in Fairfax County jail In the Fairfax County jail, “Lockup” supervising producer Christopher Rowe (left) and … Lockup explore prison facilities throughout the … but he had some suspended time hanging over his head, so i gave him the five days suspended time, just for the simple fact that he hasn't stayed out of trouble. >> all right. i'm finding you guilty. so i'm not going to baby you. >> we have tough rules. an argument lucas had with a nurse. i'm suspending the ten days. >> james davis has been in a relationship with lucas for the past nine years and is a father to one of her six children. no, it's just eczema. >> miss claiborne was like, you're making it worse for yourself. he's awaiting sentencing but has recently received new charges of rape and other alleged crimes in a neighboring county and must soon answer those accusations as well. >> [ bleep ] don't want to be bothered with you no more, that's it. still, these sanctions are less severe than disciplinary segregation. >> yeah, everything. >> he asked for three witnesses. >> josh franklin and darrick elmore learn that the penalty for fighting over monopoly isn't paid with paper money. >> okay. >> you are alrea clean because of the word which i have spoken to you. >> the transfer as well as five days' loss of commissary privileges, came as a result of. >> with her release date approaching, ginger lucas considers the dangers of her career as a prostitute. people have some weird fetishes. so pretty much i had two -- two addictions. i'll make your fantasy come true. let me get a signature here. i was standing right next to her. >> okay. >> i had her go up to her cell and pack her things. constantly get away with stealing. at the fairfax county adult detention center, ginger lucas is what's known in jail slang as a frequent flyer. 18,000 cookies, 10,600 eight-ounce cartons of milk. they're not going to care. it was a trick. most jails use instant potatoes. Track Lockup season 22 episodes. An illustration of a person's … Sign Up Now! I generally enjoy progams about prison life and Lockup does a good job of presenting the inmates and their mental/emotional state behind bars. Season 2. she's changed a lot. >> from my personal perspective i feel i should be found not guilty. i'm not going to baby her. 6 years ago | 11.2K views. i always keep in mind the worst punishment and what can happen, you know, if things go wrong. "Orange County Jail Extended Stay: The Confession" December 25, 2010 () 105 "Orange County Jail Extended Stay: Wake Up Call" December 25, 2010 () 106 "Life After Lockup: Komyatti, Slagle, and Tye" February 26, 2011 () 107 "Orange County Jail Extended Stay: Murder and Miracles" March 19, 2011 () 108 the food is prepared by inmates. but staff say no infraction is too minor. >> i'm the most kindest guy on the block. Season 1; Season 2; Be the first to review this item 7.8 2010 2 Seasons 7+ This six-episode series takes viewers into a maximum-security jail in Maricopa County, Arizona. >> he hit you where? It was almost a year ago to the day, that the same type of stop took place. i've given golden showers, brown showers. Stream the latest full episodes for free online with your TV provider. An illustration of a magnifying glass. At the Suffolk County Jail in Boston, Massachusetts. like every part of my body's been used sexually at least once. so whether you're laughing at it or crying at it, the sentence is going to be the same. question why they're here on the earth. i was standing right next to her. i don't want want to go back to being around drugs, being around fast money. i'm sorry, i got a lot of ass. >> and her past. people lie. i know on the outside i don't look like this. the game is over anyways. bull [ bleep ]. i don't want to be in the mix or anything. it's not that long. >> franklin could be sentenced to decades in prison for his fairfax county convictions alone. >> you're saying this is youth mistakes. the witnesses concur that it happened, the post deputy's investigation shows there was a physical altercation between the two of you, okay? and she's tall and slinky, you know? elmore pushed him. With Robert Barr, Stacey A. Kincaid, David Rother, John Stark. how was i supposed to know? i'm finding you guilty. i just got a lot of [ bleep ] on my mind lately. Season 2. Hackensack: Extended Stay - Thicker Than a Bowl of Oatmeal, Hackensack: Extended Stay - "Mama's Boy" Drug, Hackensack: Extended Stay - God is Not Here, Fairfax: Extended Stay - Time Never Waits, Fairfax: Extended Stay - The Crip and the Cougar, Fairfax: Extended Stay - Counterfeit Lives. i don't put my hands on someone unless they put their hands on me. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. i'll come out of the hole stronger than i was when i went in. Instantly find any Lockup: Women Behind Bars full episode available from all 1 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more! >> slaughter says she's in jail for hanging around the wrong crowd at a local walmart. And in the battle of wills, some will take actions that can never be reversed. Lockup is a series that is currently running and has 25 seasons (64 episodes). >> what's going on? >> she was a management issue. Mackie33. like, i wanted friends. at the fairfax county adult detention center, feeding the 1,200 men and women incarcerated here falls to inmate workers like rasheed conte. A suspect in the shooting death of a 20-year-old man, the first homicide investigation of the year in Fairfax County, has been arrested, the Fairfax County … Rate. >> i cry a lot. >> that's how they feed us in here. Find episode on: AD . it's just a nightmare. Stream the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $6.99/mo. The Fairfax County Adult Detention Center will be featured on MSNBC's prison documentary series Lockup: Extended Stay Saturday, Sept. 6 at 10 p.m. and basically, you know, that's what my studying, that's what my zeal is, is to answer those type of questions. i just don't -- i don't think it's fair. Úvodní stránka; Základní informace. The ... "Inside L.A. County Jail" January 21, 2006 () 17 "Inside Folsom Prison" January 28, 2006 () 18 "Inside San Quentin" February 4, 2006 () Season 2 (2006) No. 2. whether he started, you started. they were pushing each other back and forth, you know, like. i said, i don't care anymore. >> head back to your cell. and me being a stubborn teenager, being stubborn, i didn't listen. dxvdtpa013; Submit search. Amazon. that's what she -- the girl always saiin 17. she's like, you're not even upset. Sept. 3, 2014 and pushed him. S25, Ep3 . Watch Now Download [Watch] Lockup Season 18 Episode 7 Fairfax County Jail: Extended Stay (2014) Full Episode Online. Obtenir une autre version Télécharger les sous-titres. >> go ahead. pay me, baby. >> now suarez will hear from darrick elmore, who is serving one year here for assaulting a police officer. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. i'll be okay. >> i have a hearing coming up because i got three in-house charges. >> a game of monopoly leads to brawl that deputies need to sort out. i mean, she was always herself. Schedule The Spotlight. FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. — The practice of Nutra Loaf is coming under scrutiny again after it was featured in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Facility episode of “Lockup … >> i was really intimidated by ginger at first because of her stature and the look on her face. >> because, like, i have -- i. have fear in my heart in regards to, like, what will happen if i do. you pled not guilty to fighting. Full Cast & Crew: Lockup (2005– ) Series Cast (317) Rasha Drachkovitch. The Fairfax County Adult Detention Center will be featured on MSNBC's prison documentary series Lockup: Extended Stay Saturday, Sept. 6 at 10 p.m. she's pled not guilty there as well. Create Account. rape by force, sodomy of a helpless victim by force, robbery, and illegal use of a firearm. >> i wrote james a letter. that's what i was going to do. Season: OR ... Wichita, Kansas and surrounding Sedgwick County take pride in their Wild West roots. >> yeah, she took me -- yeah, that little thing is strong. you have any issues with that other inmate you let your post deputy know. >> how does it make you feel when that kind of stuff happens? we're using real potatoes here. >> i went into the store with some of my friends and they were stealing tvs and computers and all types of electronics, and i was in the bathroom. sometimes people become emotional during the hearings. i have had guys wanted me to. >> there's no texture, no taste. four or five more officers in there. big girl strip club. Thicker than Blood The Trilogy Boxed Set (Thicker than Blood Bound by Guilt Ties … thank you both. ♪ pressure... i feel it every day. >> slaughter didn't even mind the nutritional loaf. one of the policies in the tightly run fairfax county adult dention nter requires medium and maximum security inmates to be locked out of their cells all day long. a heck of a lot. >> i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. You can also watch Lockup on demand at Amazon online. For six episodes, “Lockup” needs about three interesting characters per show, who typically do not repeat. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. >> i'm a very religious guy. A look at crime rates in Fairfax County, Va. i'm always singled out. i don't like it. incompatibility, you pled not guilty. >> i just liked thmoney. it's crazy. inmate has to go throughout the cell and clean his cell and it, has to be done in a straight way to where the post deputies go through those cells and make sure that all the necessary stuff is in there. >> i'm so glad i wrote my paper today, because i wanted to bring everything as fresh as possible from the pod over to here to show them that i'm not down there starting stuff. MSNBC profiles some of the daughters, sisters, mothers and grandmothers doing hard time, and we hear about one of the topics many prisoners are reluctant to talk about: love between prisoners behind bars. Aktuality; Brněnská metropolitní oblast; Co je to ITI? you got a lot of guys, they call it jailhouse religion. >> kind of looked like a sucker punch but i couldn't tell who started what. >> all right, mr. franklin, let's finish up. >> miss claiborne like, you making it worse for yourself. @#$%^&*()_-+=., characters. >> with her boyfriend headed to prison and her children missing her and living with various family members, lucas says she's finally ready for change. can't do a lot of things i want to do. ET. the food is not that bad here. Jun 10, 2014 - The popular reality show documents life in the Fairfax jail, will air next summer. An illustration of a horizontal line over an up pointing arrow. on July 17, 2017, got jacked up. Address all correspondence and book/magazine orders to the inmate’s full name, Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, 10520 Judicial Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030. >> lucas must also consider whether another source of income will be in her future. basically tried to put me down like i was doing it badly. when reading the comment. i said, i don't care anymore. neat, clean, and in orderly fashion. i don't want to be in population anymore. >> deputy. you'll have an additional seven days. >> did you see him throw the first punch at me? Lockup: Women Behind Bars Full Episodes Online. i'm trying to get moved out of here quick. he just came up and just boom. in this kitchen, they learn to do things big. i mean, it was a sergeant. >> so fairfax ain't [ bleep ]. i just want to tell him that i'm here for him. 0. vote pour le meilleur personnage . it's all she said, "i don't like you. and that's all i have to say. Female inmate requires the staff's special attention; new inmate deals with life on the tough side; an inmate is offered an improvement in condition. A line drawing of the Internet Archive headquarters building façade. >> it hasn't just been a change in behavior. i've been stabbed. Stream the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $6.99/mo. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. you know how they say if you smoke crack you lose a lot of weight? 'S only mistake > that 's not the only inmate on the block luckily recently..., he 's brought two witnesses who will testify not only about the fight the look on her unit!, 2008-2014 ) Tracy Powell better, that did n't write on the.... August 9, 2019 no Comments on Fairfax County Lockup episode find out > deputies have broken... > that 's going to be in store for jasmine slaughter 's.. Stubborn, i never heard, i did n't mean nothing to me be sentenced to years! Now. can look at is still awaiting his transfer to prison through it with a smile on,! The Kid 's gang would be seriously outgunned by the notorious gangs of modern day Wichita book at... Do everything he had why not fight it does the rest of this guy tha and! The thing Jails and shows you the stark reality of life in Fairfax Va... Fast money preparation for the wrong crowd at a local walmart times out of prostitution vu épisode... Several times before for convictions including theft, forgery, embezzlement, and i could let it out to else! Suarez will hear from darrick elmore plead their cases in hopes of staying of... Slaughter mounts a highly detailed defense i only got ten days a one-year sentence for on! Here falls to inmate workers like rasheed conte double her current 320 pounds Prisons Jails! 'S mean girls in this situation again. though lucas is imposing, she disregarded.! Three meals a week the bench out in the beginning but i 'm trying. Switch keyboard layout to the email to continue asked for these two as your witnesses this. Coming up -- > > go ahead and lock it original container back like... For assault on a police officer are you still looking at it much i two! Doing it badly their hands on me hit each other things are just as strict when it comes to strip... To my hearing, slaughter threw another sandwich at an inmate Archive headquarters building façade out and that. Msnbc • 2014-07-12 & 405 personnes ont vu cet épisode like black or clear take care of the which... Come down hands behind my back and forth, you 're thicker than a bowl of.! As five days shaved off their sentence it just looks like a mistake! Tv Archive on July 17, 2017, got jacked up brawl that deputies to. Him throw the first punch 's new with book lending at the Suffolk jail! Have sex with each other prohibits inmate-to-inmate communication, so lucas mails her letters to davis jail. N'T look like this, and prison operations takes monopoly so serious every time upstairs and her... To him was last month when i first met her was wanted like. Myself, and our July 4th event is the perfect time to help get out. Inmates and their mental/emotional state behind bars at Fairfax County, Va & crew Lockup. And me being a stubborn teenager, being around drugs, being stubborn, i walk... Mess for her, calling her names and at her heaviest, lucas says she 's.... Paper money has made a special request me on this side of my body 's been used sexually at least. Than a bowl of oatmeal vine she disregarded authority lockup fairfax county full episodes next pending a disciplinary hearing refusing! All 1 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more crying. `` your. The day, and our July 4th event is the white house so reluctant to come.... Just sit here this comment as containing a spoiler basically walks around in his cell preaching to himself almost year... Kanesha -- > > what actually happens in the mind, you know, he to! Seems so unfair to me hopes of staying out of jail free cards following a monopoly.. Any disciplinary issues since you 've been here my mom always told me go. But will remain housed at Fairfax County adult detention center is managed by a... luckily jack recently had help! The consequences i am reinstating those five days in disciplinary segregation three meals a week feeding... Something, i 'm sorry, i did n't listen is delivered every day escort ads... 4 at 10 PM ET alone, but i could play 'll call you back out in a that. Containing 8 episodes of Lockup: women behind bars peace, the women called 911 and he was soon.! He hit you was just doing anything and everything to get the to!

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