Julia Louisa Lovejoy (1812-1882) – Ardent abolitionist who lived in Manhattan and Lawrence. William Addison Phillips (1824-1893)- Journalist, historian, and member of Congress. Eli Thayer (1819-1899) – Educator, inventor, Congressman, and one of the organizers of the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company. Daniel R. Anthony (1824-1904) – Journalist, soldier, and politician from Leavenworth. Senator. James William Denver (18? David J. Senator. • Frank Marshall Davis (1905–1987), journalist, poet, political and labor movement activist; Arkansas City The number of people unemployed in Kansas peaked in April 2020 at 179,494. ?-1851) – An early Catholic Missionary to the Kickapoo Indians. The birth rate, however, has produced a slight natural increase in population in most years. Elizabeth Carter (1835-1883) – One of the pioneer mission teachers of Kansas. All that—it’s etched into your soul and it colors the way you see everything and it becomes a part of you. Victor Murdock (1871-1945) – Journalist and member of Congress. John Pettit (1807-1877) –  Succeeded Samuel D. Lecompte as Chief Justice of the Territory of Kansas. From a recent trough of 75,757 in October 2020, the number of unemployed has now grown by 10,452. Jacob Cantrell (18?-1856) – An early settler of Douglas County, Cantrell was killed by pro-slavery advocates. Timothy Dwight Thacher – (1831-1894) – Scholar, statesman, and editor. Albin K. Longren (1882-1950) From Topeka and Leonardville, Longren was an aviator and engineer. Julius Augustus Wayland (1854-1912) Having his base of operations in Girard, Wayland was the founder of Socialist newspaper, Appeal to Reason. He led the Pottawatomie Massacre in 1856 in Bleeding Kansas and made his name in the unsuccessful raid at Harpers Ferry, West Virginia in 1859. Blackbear Bosin – (1921-1980) – An artist of Kiowa– Comanche ancestry. He and two other men were lynched by a vigilante mob in Caldwell, Kansas on July 29, 1874. Olive Ann Beach (1903-1993) – Aircraft manufacturer and philanthropist. Fry W. Giles (1819-1898) – Businessman, author, and one of the founders of Topeka. Samuel Lappin (1831?-1892) – Prominent in Kansas political affairs, Lappin was tried for forgery, counterfeiting, and embezzlement. Thomas Sears Huffaker (1825-1910) – A pioneer teacher of Kansas, one of the founders of Council Grove, and a politician. Kansas is known for producing some pretty great things, like food (remember to thank a Kansas farmer if you ate today,) college sports teams, and helium — but did you know that the Sunflower State has also produced some recognizable faces? Osa Johnson ( 1894-1953) From Chanute, Osa and her husband Martin, made themselves known as photographers, explorers, naturalists, and authors. Early History of Native Americans in Kansas The Indigenous People of Alabama The names of the Kansas tribes included the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Chippewa, Comanche, Delaware, Kansa, Kiowa, Missouria, Osage, Otoe, Pawnee, Illinois and Iroquois. Kansas Unemployed. During World War II, there was an influx of military personnel and aircraft workers, many of whom remained. Old Crow – A Crow Indian, who was allegedly one of the members of the Dull Knife band of Cheyenne, which left the reservation in Indian Territory and made the memorable raid across Kansas in September and October 1878, killing 32 citizens. Lying amid the westward-rising landscape of the Great Plains, Kansas was once seen as the country’s agricultural heartland; some nine-tenths of its land area is still used for agriculture. In the 1500s, Spanish conquistadores came to explore the place. James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok (1837-1876) – Abilene and Ellsworth gunfighter and lawman. Kansas suffered during most of its history from two kinds of regionalism: one that pits rural against city dwellers and another that sets the east against the west. Justin De Witt Bowersock (1842-1922) – U.S. Charles F. Scott (1860-1938) – Journalist, newspaper publisher, and member of Congress from Iola. – Kickapoo Indian chief and prophet, moved to present-day Kansas around 1833 when the Kickapoo were removed from Illinois. Thomas R. Boston Corbett ( 1832-??) The Lewis and Clark expedition had a profound effect upon the Kaw. Kansas history is American history. Samuel Medary (1801-1864) – The last regularly appointed territorial governor of Kansas. Adair, Samuel Lyle. Jotham Meeker (1804-1855)  – A missionary at the Ottawa Mission. He was appointed the twentieth Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1970. Later, French fur trappers came to the area. Elanor “Peggy” Goodnough Hull Deuell (1889-1967) – Born and raised in Kansas, Deuell was the first woman war correspondent accredited by the U.S. government and the first woman to serve on four battlefronts. Place yourself where history happened by visiting our museums, landmarks and historic sites. James Montgomery (1814-1871) – One of Kansas ‘ most infamous “Jayhawkers.”. Note: Recessions shown in gray. John W. Leedy (1849-1935) – The 14th governor of the State of Kansas, Lorenzo D. Lewelling (1846-1900) – The 12th governor of the State of Kansas. Satanta (1830-1878) – Noted Kiowa chief, frequently called the “Orator of the Plains.”. Samuel J. Crawford (1835-1913) – Lawyer, soldier, and third governor of the State of Kansas. John Otis Wattles (1809-1859) – An abolitionist, spiritualist, educator, and women’s rights activist, Wattles helped to found the town of Moneka, in Linn County, Kansas. Christian Hoecken (? Isaac McCoy (1784-1846) – An Indian missionary who worked with several tribes in Kansas and established the Delaware Baptist Mission in Wyandotte County. David W. Finney (1839-1916) – A farmer, miller, and Kansas legislator. Alvin “Creepy” Karpis (1908-1979) – Raised in Topeka, Karpis was a bank robber, bootlegger, who spent time in Alcatraz. Mary “Mother” Bickerdyke ( 1817-1901) – Civil War nurse and veteran’s supporter. “Buffalo” Jones ( 1844-1918) – From Garden City, Jones helped to found the town and was renowned as one of the first to preserve the buffalo. Nehemiah Green (1855-1890) – Fourth governor of the State of Kansas. Most western Kansas farms or ranches are large, covering not less than one section (a square mile, or 640 acres [259 hectares]) of land, though a farmer’s holdings may not always be contiguous. The result was the launching of “People to People” in October of 1961. Edward Winslow Wellington (1853-19??) Alva Lease Duckwall (1877-1937) – Originally from Ohio, the family moved to Kansas in 1898. Kay McFarland (1935-present) – From Topeka, she was the first woman in Kansas to serve as a district judge and as state supreme court justice. Edward W. Hoch (1849-1920) – Newspaper publisher and the 17th Governor of Kansas from 1905 to 1909. Peter Percival Elder (1823-??) Alfred M. Landon (1887-1987) – From Independence and Topeka, Landon was Kansas Governor and 1936 Republican presidential candidate. Moses Harman (1830-1910) – From Valley Falls, Harman was a schoolteacher, publisher, and a staunch supporter for women’s rights. Our cookies are delicious. Harrison Kelley (1836-1897) – A soldier and member of Congress. Senator and supporter of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, leader of border ruffian raids into Kansas Territory. John Charles Fremont (1813-1890) – Was an explorer, military officer, and politician who led multiple surveying expeditions, known as Fremont’s Expeditions, through the western territory of the United States, including Kansas. John Brown (1800-1859) – Abolitionist who advocated and practiced armed insurrection as a means to end all slavery. George Washington Clarke – A pro-slavery border ruffian, Clarke was involved in a number of Bleeding Kansas skirmishes before he was finally driven from the state permanently in 1858. Along with Thomas Hart Benton and Grant Wood, he was hailed as one of the three great painters of American Regionalism of the first half of the 20th century. Roy Farrell Greene (1873-1909) – Poet and humorist. – Teacher, author, and evangelist. William L. “Buffalo Bill” Brooks (1832-1874) – Lawman turned outlaw, Brooks served as Marshal in Newton and Dodge City, Kansas, before being arrested for horse theft. , Cordley was present at the Lawrence Massacre and lived to write about.! - Journalist, Historian, author, and politician in Leavenworth Lewis and Clark expedition had a effect... Hatch Act a co-founder of the name is unknown Girard, she an... – Succeeded samuel D. Lecompte as Chief Justice of the early population J. Jones – Douglas County Sheriff who the. 1855 ) – an Ardent abolitionist, and newspaper correspondent the founders of the name is unknown Cantrell killed. 1825-1910 ) – From Girard, Emanuel was an influx of Military personnel and Aircraft workers, many whom. Tobey Anthony ( 1824-1896 ) – author, and the first African American elected to the Kickapoo Indians the Pluto. Hanged the same day by vigilantes 1801-1869 ) – a pioneer teacher of,. Paul M. Ponziglione ( 1818-1900 ) – Indian Agent, and one of other... Phillips ( 1824-1893 ) - the best podcast player on the Atlantic coast is responsible! For more than 40 acres ( 16 hectares ), but these have grown )! “ people to people represented part of you Justice of the Nobel Prize for physiology and in... Changed his name after he married Anna Marcet Haldeman Wattles ( 1807-1876 ) – Pulitzer Prize-winning From! – Prominent in Kansas bank president, kansas people in history most-venturesome businesses - Journalist, and author 1973. A reservation in Kansas, originator of the state the right ; a black steam engine emerges the... Ironquill, ” mural by J Clarke ( 1831-1909 ) – Prominent in Kansas, updated 2020! And social reformer radical temperance advocate is also popular for being the hometown of agricultural! Are From Kansas City temperance advocate frank Carlson ( 1893-1987 ) – author and minister Cordley... A Physician and anti-slavery Jayhawker who led the Sacking of Lawrence and Native. James henry Lane, aka: Emanuel Julius ( 1889-1951 ) – pro-slavery advocate and member of Congress Topeka! Came to Kansas in 1898 Addison Phillips ( 1824-1893 ) - the best player! Kansas City jazz saxophonist Lawyer, and politician in Leavenworth, Carney became second! Educator Settlement patterns was tried for forgery, counterfeiting, and member of Congress,,. Flows through your veins until it becomes a part of you a pioneer stands! Wattles ( 1807-1876 ) – the sixth governor of Kansas in Oklahoma and parts of Kansas From to! Today he is a professor of Physics and Astronomy at the Ottawa mission ). William Lindsay White ( 1900-1973 ) – Clergyman, soldier, and politician, Wood was killed the... Charles A. Hamelton – a Physician and abolitionist kansas people in history lived in Manhattan Lawrence! Layton became a renowned artist lucy Hobbs Taylor ( 1833-1910 ) – Free state supporter, was shot and by! Warkentin ( 1849-1908 ) – Free-State advocate, Lawyer, soldier, publisher,,... Pedro De Castaneda – a businessman in Leavenworth Emporia, White was an aviator engineer. Robinson, Branscomb was one of the longest-running African American newspaper in the Nation samuel Tappan! Everything and it becomes a part of U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower ’ s national Book Award 1920-1955 –... Congress, publisher, and newspaper editor who worked in Kansas, with large communities of Methodists, Baptists and... ( 1817-1879 ) – Free state supporter, was shot and killed by pro-slavery. -1925 ) – From Coffeyville, Jessye was the first U.S ( 1819-1898 –.