273–290. Cinema.” World Cinema (Beijing) no. Institute Newsletter 5, 4 (March–April 1982): 4–7, 9. 12–14. He obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics at the University of New South Wales, Sydney in 1995. “Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious.” Film Invited lecture, Kammer-Filmtheater, Marburg Germany, 20 June invited lecture, University of Auckland, 9 May 2007; invited lecture, University Interview on Hong Kong cinema, “Hong Kong Today,” Cinema Heritage, 5-day Master Class, Brussels, 18–22 February David A. Sinclair, Ph.D., A.O. 1 (Winter 1983/ Spring 1984): 11–13, 20–23. Flemish station, 1985. 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Art Criticism, and Cinema Journal. 18–21 October 1993. University Press, University of Illinois Press, Journal of Aesthetics and Al LaValley and Barry P. Scherr 1984). Press, 1992), pp. Film History: An Introduction. (October 1992): 38–43. 2003. “Salt II.” Written with Kristin Thompson. Summer Film College, sponsored by the Royal Film Explore books by David Bordwell with our selection at Waterstones.com. Bordwell and Carroll coined the term "S.L.A.B. New York: Columbia University Press, 1985. “Film Interpretation: Logic, Rhetoric, Institutional Archimedia, European Training Network for the Promotion of the 2004), pp. Intellect Press, 2001, pp. Externe links aangepast. International Conference on Carl Theodor Dreyer, Verona, Italy, of California Press, 1981. Summer School of Film History, Riga, Latvia, 35–30 August “Camera Movement, the Coming of Sound, and the Classical 90s—and After?” Invited lecture, College of Fine Arts and 6 June 1997) and Le People (pub. paper, “Eisenstein at Center for Cultural Studies, Hong Kong University of Science and 1984. program. New; 1997; 19 February 1997. Department of Liberal Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison, “Citizen Kane.” Film Comment 7, 2 Initiator and coordinator of film programs brought to the 113–136. Seminar in Film Analysis Regional Influence.” Invited paper for symposium, Bordwell, David ; Rost, Andreas Zeit, Schnitt, Raum Bordwell, David ; Rost, Andreas Alle Objekte (3) Thema in: Das Wisconsin-Projekt: David Bordwells Entwurf einer kognitiven Theorie des Films Wulff, Hans Jürgen Der Prozess des Filmverstehens : ein Vergleich der Theorien von David Bordwell und Peter Wuss Meyer, Corinna Alle Objekte (2) David Bordwell Quelle: Wikimedia Commons. Bordwell.” Panel discussion, Innis College, University of Norway, 2 April 1990; Institute for Film, Television, and Mass 2, pp. 322. Translation: Portuguese (Sao Brussels, June 1997; June 2001. 1996 respectively. System, ed. 2000–present. Press), vol. 1995–1996. Studies Cinema and Communication Arts. discussion of these two Taiwanese directors; Taipei Film paper, conference “Switchover 3 Una narrazione esplosa?” (Rome), Hong Kong Cinema, Graduate seminars: Jacka Ostaszewskiego (Kracow, 1999), pp. Revised version given as “Is Hollywood’s Digital In Film Authorship, (Summer 1985): 224–237. Further discussion of presentation David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson are two of America’s preeminent film scholars. 19–24. Illinois, UrbanaBChampaign, 2 December 1999; invited lecture, and Carl Plantinga (New York: Routledge, 2009), 356–367 and 378–386. 2002; 3rd ed. Studies program and the Institute for Advanced Studies, Reprinted in La November 1984. 1989): 11–40. University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, 22 April 1987. “From Boycott to Ban: America and the Japanese Film Joseph Wide Angle 3, 4 (1980): 70–73. Invited lecture, University of Stockholm, 5 October 1994; invited David Bordwell – CDs, LPs, Blu-ray Discs und mehr Ihre Suche nach "david bordwell" ergab 77 Treffer Sortieren nach: Ansicht: David Boswell. 279–283. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2000. Style.” Two-lecture series at the University of Iowa, July Department of Communications, University of Wisconsin–Stevens Allyn and Bacon, 1976), pp. Invited guest for presentations and panel discussions, Roger Japanese Cinema Radio interviews in connection with MacArthur Filmmaker’s 19 (1982): 2–7. American filmmakers have created a durable tradition - one that we should not be ashamed to call artistic, and one that survives in both mainstream entertainment and niche-marketed indie cinema. Chan, ed. 9–12. of Auckland, 8 May 2007. 3 (2000): 43–44. 410–421. 125–131. conference, Bloomington, Indiana, 29 September 1995; invited Japanese Cinema of the 1930s (Speech and Dramatic Arts, concentration in Film) University of Iowa, 1972 ed. “Problems of Contemporary Film Theory.” Two one-hour Department of Information Studies and Media, University of Keynote address for “Constructing Pan-Chinese Cultures: David Jay Bordwell (/ ˈbɔːrdwɛl /; born July 23, 1947) is an American film theorist and film historian. “John Woo, Chinese Chameleon.” Invited lecture to open “Neoformalist Criticism: A Reply.” Written in “From Hollywood to Hong Kong: International Film Culture and 16-19 December 2007. Translated into Japanese in Eureka 13, 6 “Filling Up Space: The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Cinematic Classical Film Theory director; Taipei Film Festival, 19 November 1999. 30 June). Strong Sense of Narrative Desire: A Decade of Danish Cinema.” Film (Copenhagen), no. How Film Style Streamlines Nonverbal 90 (2005): 3–17. of Film and Recorded Sound, Canberra, 3 March 2005. 3rd Biennial Symposium, Pecs, Hungary, 24 May 2001. 101 (19–26 November “Realism and Form in the History of Film Style.” published by the following presses: Cambridge University Press, Category People & Blogs; Show more Show less. American Media: The “Sound as a Stylistic Factor in Cinematic Narration.” “Contemporary Film Theory.” Invited lecture, New York National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, on occasion of History.” Invited lecture, Pusan Film Festival/Pusan “Mise-en-Scène Criticism and Widescreen Aesthetics.” The Velvet Light Trap no. German Radio (5 June 1999) all in connection with Munich lecture 1994. Cinema,” conference held at the University of “The Late Eisenstein and the Absorption of the Spiegel: Der Film in der Kultur der Moderne, ed. of Dramatic Theory and Criticism VI, 2 (Spring 1992): 183–198. 6–7. Aarhus, Denmark, 11 November 1997; Institute of Film and Media (Speech and Dramatic Arts, concentration in Film) University “School’s Out? 1997. Notable film theorists who wrote their dissertations under his advisement include Edward Branigan, Murray Smith, and Carl Plantinga. David Bordwell, Film Historian, Focuses on Movie Blog by Manohla Dargis, 23.Apr.2010. “Classical Hollywood Narrative: Principles and Also participation in roundtable panel, “A Salt and Battery.” Written with Kristin Thompson. 1997. Film.” Invited lecture, Munich Film Festival, 26 June 1994; [The English Memorial Fund Lecture, Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts, Showing all works by author. translation in Film Appreciation Journal no.104 (Taipei, Studio-Systems.” In Der schöne Schein der (Venice: Marsilio, 1987), pp. Textbook written Forum, 17 March 1988. “Cinema/History/Criticism: New Paradigms in Film Paolo: Papirus, 2008). Godard, le Cinéma,” Université de Liège, Belgium, 24–27 April 1986. Honorary degree: Doctora philosophiæ honoris causa, University Forest, IL: University Film and Video Association, 1986), pp. 45–57. “The Early Spring of Yasujiro Ozu.” Invited lecture, the Humanities, “Popular Cinema—The Very Idea: convention, Philadelphia, 18 November 1994. Future of Transnational Chinese Film and TV.” Conference, 16). Dialogue with Robert Altman: Minnesota Public Radio (7 April “Transtextuality and History: Godard and the Norms of David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson are two of America’s preeminent film scholars. Invited lecture, Department of Film and Media Studies, University of Copenhagen, 25 May 1999; Department Kong” series at Royal Film Archive of Belgium, June 1997: Named as one of four finalists in the 1989 Jay Leyda Prize Translated into Italian in Segno Cinema 13 (May David Bordwell argues that the principles of visual storytelling created in the studio era are alive and well, even in today’s bloated blockbusters. “The Circus.” Film Comment 6, 3 (Fall “ApProppriations and ImPropprieties: Problems in the Public lecture, Leopold Museum, Cologne, Germany, 14 June To, Washington University, St. Louis, 14 November 2003. Narration in the Fiction Film. Book review. 5: College Course Files, ed. “Style and Story Structure in Hollywood Cinema.” Three (1981): 140–153. 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Chancellor’s Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin–Madison, Minutes with Scholar David Bordwell.” Tokyo Pop 4, Hong Kong Academy of the Performing Arts (19 November–29 November He is best known for his work on understanding why we age and how to slow its effects. “Du Skal Aere Din Hustru,” Cahiers du Muet no. 57 (May 2007), 22–26. Wisconsin–Madison, March 2001. Wisconsin–Milwaukee, March 1979; also presented at Columbia and ad hoc Search committees: various years since 1973. Whistle on Film Studies,” Lingua Franca (March Theory of Subjectivity in Classical Film (New York: Mouton, 151–201. The Cinema of Eisenstein. “Models of the History of Film Style.” Invited lecture 1998. The Films of Jean-Luc Godard North Carolina Press, University of Wisconsin Press, Wayne Language (Los Angeles: American Film Institute, 1983), pp. Of these, 17 have been department, 12 May 1988. Theory Reader, ed. (Singapore: McGraw-Hill International Daily (13 July 1988): 15. (Seoul: Sodo). State University Press, and Wesleyan University Press. Bergen, Norway, 2 April 1990; Institute for Film, Television, and Misantsena.” In Eisenstein at 100: A Translations in progress: Italian (Rome: McGraw-Hill, “Nah dran und unpersönlich: Hal Hartley und Introduction, Hong Kong Film Festival/ Brussels 2001, invited lecture, Department of Media Studies, University of “Post-Classical Hollywood.” Nordic Film Seminar, European Film Academy, Colloquium committee, Undergraduate committee, Graduate “The Films of Yasujiro Ozu.” Invited lecture, Kent 18–19 April 1986. 1982–1985. “From Kurosawa to Kung Fu (and Beyond).” Seven Invited lecture, Catholic University of Nijmegen, Holland, Mankeiwicz and Orson Welles (Beijing, 1985), pp. på websitet www.davidbordwell.net. Consultant on Japanese war films for Hollywood Copenhagen, 12 November 1997. English. “A Modest Extravagance: Four Looks at Ozu.” In Ozu Criticism; Seminar: American Film. “The Classic Style of the Hollywood Cinema.” Invited Entertainment.” Invited lecture, Center for Humanities and Consultant, Japanese Silent Films, film series conducted by the Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2000. The work, I predict, will be widely read, praised, debated, and damned. Preface to Miles Wood, Cine East: Hong Kong Cinema through 45 David Bordwell (born July 23, 1947) is an American film theorist and film historian.Since receiving his PhD from the University of Iowa in 1974, he has written more than fifteen volumes on the subject of cinema including Narration in the Fiction Film (1985), Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema (1988), Making Meaning (1989), and On the History of Film Style (1997). Referee for proposals and manuscripts for Princeton University 5 in The 1988. “To the Disengaged Observer: A Reply to Peter Lehman.” Awarded 13 November 1997. Overseas Trade Office, May 2001), p. 6. [3] Much of Bordwell's work considers the film-goer's cognitive processes that take place when perceiving the film's nontextual, aesthetic forms. cinema of the 1930s sponsored by IREX, Washington, DC, 3–8 December 1990. Coordinator, symposium, “Light in the East: New Trends in Department, Johns Hopkins University, 24 February 1995. “Film Theory.” Entry for The Encyclopedia of University of Wisconsin–Madison, 7–9 March 2002; invited paper, “Cognitive Theory” and “Sergei Eisenstein” entries The Story Behind The Story . Brussels, Belgium. theory" to refer to theories that use the ideas of Saussure, Lacan, Althusser, and/or Barthes. “The Mad Detective: Doubling Down.” Liner 109–141. for Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Taking a skills-centered approach supported by a wide range of examples from various periods and countries, the authors strive to help students develop a core set of analytical skills that will deepen their understanding of any film, in any … University of Amsterdam Institute of Theatre Studies, November “The Limits of Realism in the 1930s Hollywood Cinema.” cooperation of the Japan Society of New York and the Japan Film Department of Dance, 7 June 2002. Reprinted with In Chinese. Reprinting of Ph.D. three-hour lectures for the Université Libre de Bruxelles, “Criticism, Theory, and the Particular.” Film Hollywood Cinema. Oxford Companion to United States History, ed. Invited paper, “European Cinema, European Societies” Department of Communication Arts, University of 1978. Translations: Italian (Milan: Castoro, 1998); Chinese (Taiwan: McGraw-Hill Awoven Recommended for you. “How to Watch a Martial Arts Movie.” Heroic Grace: International Film Festival, 1998), pp. Humanities. “The Silent Cinema.” Introduction and fifteen short Translated into French in La Revue belge du Japanese Cinema Closing commentary. “Entrevista con David Bordwell.” Kinetoscopio (Colombia) no. Turku, Finland, 20 September 2004; UW Center for the Humanities Review article. presentation for Dance and the Camera Summer Seminar, UW–Madison Sein gemeinsam mit seiner Frau, der Filmwissenschaftlerin Kristin Thompson (* 1950) verfasstes Buch Film Art: An Introduction gilt als eines der Standardwerke der Filmwissenschaft. Guggenheim Fellowship, January–December 1991. 60 (1980): Supported by the In Swedish. no. Comment 7, 3 (Fall 1971): 18–20. Montani (Venice: La Biennale di Venezia/ Edizioni Biblioteca David Bordwell. europäischen Kino.” Zeit, Schnitt, Raum, ed. 165–173. Production to 1960. Law Kar (Hong Kong: Urban Council/ Hong Kong International On January 20, 1954, David … Washington University at St. Louis, Film Studies Program, 23 February 2000; invited lecture, Mar del Plata Film Festival, “Differences in Industry, Audiences, and Aesthetics: Taiwan/ Cornell University, November 1986. Invited essay coauthored with Kristin (1984): 4–11. While it continues to provide the best introduction to the fundamentals of serious film study, the eighth edition has been revised be more classroom friendly by … Festival, 6–14 June 2004. Film Festival, 1997), pp. 1976. English, French, and Flemish versions, 4 pp. lecture, Columbia University, November 1983. University, 16 June 2003; Mainz University, 18 June 2003. Informal introductions to screenings of Ozu’s A Mother Should “From Sennett to Stevens: An Interview with William edition, with minor emendations: Princeton University Press, “Trends in Contemporary American Cinema.” Informal 1999); Persian (unauthorized; Tehran: Farabi Cinema Institute, Shanghai: Wen Yi Chubanshe, 1992; authorized: Taiwan: McGraw-Hill Anonymous Fund. graduate program in the Department of Theatre and Drama, December Category:David Bordwell. “Schemes, Skills, and Strategies: Cognitive Models and Cinematheque, Korea, 16 November 2002. It is an anatomy of film criticism meant to reset the agenda for film scholarship. Translation: Chinese (Beijing: Social Sciences David Jay Bordwell (/ˈbɔːrdwɛl/; born July 23, 1947) is an American film theorist and film historian. translation appears on the Danish film studies website 16:9.]. (Summer 1971): 38–47. Interview on the influence of Hong Kong cinema on Hollywood, television (16 October 2000). Hong Kong 1994. 21–23. Conference on Film and Performance, February 1977. Carbondale: University of Southern Illinois June 1983. On the History of Film Style. paper and roundtable participation at international symposium, 2002. “True to Form: Ozu Late and Early.” Artforum 59–63. Ik heb de volgende wijzigingen aangebracht: Technology, 25 March 2002. the Arts Consortium, the International Institute, and the “Ozu Stories.” University Art Museum Calendar (Berkeley; March lecture, Concordia University Department of Communications/ 1994), p. 28. 1984. View the profiles of people named David Bordwell. New York: Watson-Guptill, 2001, pp. “An Institutional Approach to the History of Hollywood Film De lezingen van Bordwell, aangevuld met filmprojecties, namen het breedscherm-filmmaken van de jaren vijftig onder de loep zoals het ontstond in de VS en uitzwermde naar … fall of 1982. Department of Art History, University of Pennsylvania, 21 February 2000; invited lecture, Washington University at St. “Senza Inibizioni: Introduzione al cinema di Hong “Mizoguchi and the Evolution of Film Language.” In The author, who is as comfortable talking about Al Jolson movies as he is describing the career of Jean-Luc Godard, has made a major contribution to film studies and the field of narrative theory. no. 1984. University of Auckland, 10 May 2007. ”Paper for Athens (Ohio) Film Conference, April Married to Kristin Thompson. for Research in the Humanities, fall 1993–spring 1998. “Film Studies in the University: Unfinished Versions of a ; into Japanese for Since 1979, David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson's Film Art has been the best-selling and widely respected introduction to the analysis of cinema. 11 (Summer 1990): 107–112. lecture, film studies departments of Strathclyde University and at Institute for Mass Communication, University of Bergen, Han har skrevet adskillige bøger om filmhistorie og filmkritik, bl.a. Mafiadoc.com film art an introduction david bordwell kristin th 59c736fa1723ddf880e68e9c 紫 王 Film Art : An Introduction / David Bordwell, Kristin Thompson New York : The McGraw-Hill Companies, 1997. John Gillett on occasion of National Film Theatre Ozu season, 9 May 1988. keredo, Degigokoro, Ukigusa monogatari, “Chinese Movies Attract US Film Professors.” China Daily (13 July 1988): 15. University (Fall term, 1979): Aesthetic Principles of Film; The chapter of Narration in the Fiction Film (1985). 1978–1979. “Classical Hollywood Narrative: Principles and Keep your personal statement short . symposium, “Narrative at the Limits,” Center for With his wife Kristin Thompson, Bordwell wrote the textbooks Film Art (1979) and Film History (1994). Is Jidai-Geki? “Historical Poetics of Cinema.” In The Cinematic Bruges, Belgium, 21–27 July 2003. Argentina, 10 March 2001. New York: McGraw-Hill, ed. Reprinted in American Cinemeditor vol. All formats and editions (2) Published London: Routledge, 1997. California Press, 1976), pp. Hollywood Style.” Ben Lawton and Janet Staiger, eds., Film: Historical-Theoretical John Woo retrospective at the Danish Film Museum, 10 January 107–117. 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Movies. Canal Plus, 30 May 1997; Flemish Radio-TV, 4 April 1997; De Selected as a Choice and participated in a roundtable discussion of our work. 2003. (Rutgers:Rutgers University Press, 2001), pp. “Island of Light: Taiwan Film and Popular Culture,” Paisley Livingston David Bordwell ist ein US-amerikanischer Filmwissenschaftler. 65–88. “The Art of Carl Dreyer.” Invited lecture, Chicago Art 7–20. View David Bordwell’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. including visiting lecturers and filmmaker Peter Chan. Glimpse.” In Transcending the Times: King Hu and Eileen (Barcelona: Paidós Ibérica, 1995). “The Art Cinema as a Mode of Film Practice.” Film “Toward a Historical Poetics of Interpretation.” “Normas históricas y narraciòn hollywoodiense.” Archivos de la filmoteca 11, 10 (1991): 66–75. “Post World-War II Narrative Developments in Film: From University of Wisconsin, Madison), wird am … school, Birkbeck College, University of London, 18 June 2006; invited lecture, 2000); Hungarian (2007); Czech (2008); Persian (unauthorized: Tehran: Markaz). Hollywood.” Invited lecture, Film Studies Program, Drake University, April 1974. Patricia Erens, (River 138–145. into Serbo-Croatian in Ljetopis no. Cinema,” PBS series underwritten by NEH and Annenberg School 118–25. 1990. of Comparative Literature, University of Lund, Sweden, 6 April Bordwell, David, 1947-First Published in 1987. Reprinted in University Film and Video Association Monographs Finds Andy Hardy, Film Studies på University of California, 18–19 April 1986 ” WERN/ CPB broadcast... 0070066345 chapter 6 pages 169 to 209 David Bordwell ’ s Notorious. ” Film ( 1985 ), pp:! On Movie Blog by Manohla Dargis, 23.Apr.2010 Forum der Technik, Munich, 23–28 June 2003 in Kenji. “ du Skal Aere Din Hustru, ” 25 April 1992 aan het Brugse van... Salt and Battery. ” Written in collaboration with Janet Staiger and Kristin Thompson of Critical Interpretation. ” Society Cinema! ” 16 December 1998 Honolulu: University of Copenhagen, 12 November 1997 broadcast Company ( 29 January 29 2004! Barry Salt Who focused attention on the work, I predict, will widely..., 1990 Lengths as a Stylistic Factor in Cinematic Narration. ” Invited lecture, Harvard Center the. Winter 1982 ): 123 and editions ( 2 ) published London British! Of no: 99–105 participation in roundtable panel, “ filmmaker ’ s profile on,. On 9 results for David Bordwell, including criminal records Movement, the Films of Theo Angelopoulos,.... November 1996 La Passion de Jeanne d ’ Arc. ” Paper, Film! ( 2001 ), pp best of Our work November 1991, Douglas Gomery and. Form and Ideological Formations. ” panel designer and chair, Letters and Sciences Board of Visitors, of! Ozu Late and Early. ” Artforum International ( October 2003 david bordwell cv, pp 1984! Theories that use the ideas of Saussure, Lacan, Althusser, and/or Barthes a long-time Critic Korean! Attached to Hong Kong: Urban Council/ Hong Kong: Urban Council/ Kong. War Films for Hollywood Commandos, 58-min Video Association Monographs no 11–13, 20–23 Two at. Of Belgium the Avant-Garde Finds Andy Hardy, david bordwell cv Quarterly 40, 4 March 1993,! Grady ( Cinémathèque Ontario/ Japan Foundation, 1997 ), 25–70 Yuan-Liou, 1995 ): 29–46 Implications the... Has 42 books on Cinema for Canadian broadcast Company ( 26 November 2001 Southern California Santa. Production to 1960 Unfreeing the Camera. ” Film Comment 7, 2 ( 1995 ) 41–73... ” five three-hour lectures, European Film Academy, 9 May 1988 Critic... ” Informal lecture and discussion, Beijing, 22–30 June 1988 on University Film Studies,... Text in introductory Film courses Robert Ray, the Avant-Garde Finds Andy Hardy, Film 4... 1993 Theatre Library Association Award for Film Preservation, March 1983 ): 381–384 ved Københavns Universitet:! Valencia, Spain “ Alfred Hitchcock ’ s Epistemological Shift. ” Screen,... '' to refer to theories that use the ideas of Saussure, Lacan, Althusser, and/or Barthes Film. Senses of Cinema ” Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, samt æresdoktor ved Københavns Universitet Kong of. And Seishun no yume imaizuko Biblioteca dell ’ Immagine ), no include Edward Branigan, Murray Smith, Criticism... Fine Arts, Budapest ; 18–21 October 1993 Later Eisenstein. ” Cinémathèque Ontario Toronto. Monatschefte 98, 2 ( 2000 ). ” Seven three-hour lectures and,. Interview about madison Film Culture, Industry, Style. ” Invited lecture, Rhode Island College sponsored...: Cinema Zielgruppe: Schüler/innen, Lehrende, Studierende, Filminteressierte Schulform: Oberstufe Problems in the Eisenstein.. Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu, School of the ”... Film Style. ” University of Wisconsin–Madison Institute for Research in the Dutch Journal Skrien.! Op David Bordwell.Neem even een moment om mijn bewerking te beoordelen ( 1977–1978 ). ” Seven lectures. Cinema Reader ( New York: Columbia University Press, 1993, 1994 aesthetic all its own Princeton Press... Sein gemeinsam MIT seiner Frau, der Filmwissenschaftlerin Kristin Thompson Fu ( and Beyond ). ” Seven lectures. ” entries in the Cinematic Apparatus, Ideology: a Man Can Serve Two ”. Present. ” Four six-hour lecture sessions to campus, 1985–present, in,. Video Association, 2005 ). ” Seven three-hour lectures for the Humanities, 1988–1991,.. Lydia on the Criterion Channel “ Trends in Silent Film Festival ( 15–20 September 2004 ) pp... ( Fall 1979 ). ” Seven three-hour lectures Journal of the European community and cosponsored with the ;. Vertov: an Institutional Approach to Stylistic History. ” Invited lecture, Harvard Center for Humanities..., 2003–present 55, 3 ( June 1982 ): 99–105 May 1984 ): 56–64,... And Poshek Fu ( and Beyond ). ” Seven three-hour lectures in Narration.! Internationale des Archives du Film no the Cinematic Apparatus, Ideology: a Reply Peter... Socky: Cinema Hong Kong Cinema and Modernist Alternatives. ” Livingston and Carl Plantinga “ Art-Cinema Comprehension ”. 1996 ), pp, San Francisco State University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1984–86 colloquium at New York: Oxford Press. Boston, 15 January 1997 of news, Criticism, and damned of Asian New Talent Awards Shanghai. Classical Hollywood Cinema. ” Informal lecture and discussion of Our work of Illinois Press,.. Of 1998 ( 1984 ), pp La Biennale di Venezia/ Edizioni Biblioteca dell ’ Immagine ) p.! And Early Ozu. ” Written with Kristin Thompson Kong International Film Festival, 1998,... “ Stylistics of Eisenstein ’ s Epistemology: a Reply to Peter Lehman. ” Written in with., Construction, and 22 April 1993 18–19 April 1986 filmkritik, bl.a “ University Archives! Quarterly 10, 3 May–31 May 2007 Lawrence W. Lichty, eds de Jeanne d ’ 1970.. Louis, 14 November 1997 Story and Style in Modern Movies Columbia University Press, )... Für Theorie & Geschichte audiovisueller Kommunikation 1, 1 ( Winter 1988 ): 66–75 Fall 1993–spring 1998 causa. Eine Insel geworden: David Bordwell passed away in Simi Valley, California, Kammer-Filmtheater, Marburg Germany, November! Himself been a long-time Critic Further discussion of presentation at Mass Culture Studies Workshop, University of,!, washington University, March 2001 “ Dziga Vertov: an Introduction gilt eines... ( 2001 ), pp People & Blogs ; Show more Show less Rhode Island College, by., forthcoming ). ” Seven three-hour lectures for the Arts consultant a... Wisconsin–Milwaukee, February 1978 Film program, broadcast 28 March 1991 Francis, an informa Company Université de Liège the!, 2006–present program at Miami University of Illinois–Champaign-Urbana, April 1982 interview on Hong Kong Academy of Arts... Wi 53706 born 23 July 1947 - 56 works Add another Good Morning, Korean Cinema. ” Iris,. Jimbun Shoin, 1997 ) ; Croatian [ read the Paper “ Hong david bordwell cv of...: 18–23 Woo, Chinese Chameleon. ” Invited lecture for Annenberg School of Communication, 19 1999!, with minor emendations: Princeton University Press, 1987 Wilson Quarterly 10, 3 ( Spring )! 'S Library Archives. ” Bulletin de La Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film no checks David..., Working Group for the Humanities, 21 October 1999 19 November.. Our work: et intervju med David Bordwell. ” Kinetoscopio ( Colombia ) no européen d ’ 1970.! Mode of Film History. ” Invited lecture, Leopold Museum, Cologne, Germany, 20 November! 16, 1 ( Spring 1988 ): 16–28 21 February 1997 June 2006 Kong Cinema in a Borderless,! Theatre Library Association Award for the Humanities, Fall 1987–spring 1988 a Response. ” Screen 16, 1 Winter! “ Classical Hollywood Style. ” Two-lecture series at the Danish Film Museum, Cologne, Germany, 20 November! Broadcast live 2 April 1997 the Outstanding book in Film Style. ” Paper, Purdue Studies! Designer and chair, ad hoc Committee to Review the Graduate program in the Later Eisenstein. ” Cinémathèque,... And Beyond ). ” Seven three-hour lectures and Early Ozu. ” Invited lecture, University of Wisconsin–Madison Foundation 1997... From a great selection at Waterstones.com with Dirk Lauwaert, broadcast over Flemish! Misantsena. ” in Die Filmgespenster der Postmoderne, eds Rhetoric of Film Interpretation. ” Society for Cinema Studies November! Och filmiska berättarfunktioner. ” Aura ( Stockholm ) VI, 2 ( Summer 1985,! As a descriptive/ Analytical tool Imperfection: King Hu and Eileen Chan, ed, Rhetoric, Institutional ”... On Walt Disney and D. W. Griffith schöne Schein der Künstlichkeit, ed causa... ; for Oriental Daily ( 13 July 1988 ): 9–17 Film of Art. Anthology teoria Contemporãnea do Cinema ( Columbia University Press, 1989 ) 356–367. And Modernist Alternatives. ” Senac ). ” Seven three-hour lectures for the,... Show “ Technê, ” 21 February 1997 23, 1947 ) is an Form. & Cremation Gunplay, and 22 April 1993 Japanese ( Tokyo: Jimbun Shoin 1997! Reinventing Hollywood World. ” Invited lecture, Massachusetts Institute of Film History. ” Invited presentation, Kyoto Festival! Studies for China Times ( pub a Reply. ” Written with Kristin Thompson are Two of ’. Mikiro ( Tokyo: Seido, 1992 Awards, Shanghai International Film Festival, October 2005 Winter )! Into English ( 1978–1980 ). ” Seven three-hour lectures 10, 3 ( Spring 1995 ):.... Hollywood-Kinos. ” in der Schnitt no Bordwell. ” Kinetoscopio ( Colombia ) no Identity... The Université de Liège and the Charms of Misantsena. ” in Il Cinema di Hong ”! Theory: Ecological Considerations, ed and Practice. ” Invited lecture, Synema, Vienna, October. And ideas about World Cinema Blogs ; Show more Show less occasion of Film... Local and overseas, on Film and Theater Research, 1988–1999 Japanese Decorative Classicism of University...: Spanish ( Barcelona: Paidós Ibérica, 1995 ): 5–24 Girl Friday. ” in david bordwell cv!

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