Time management seems to be the issue with many people. It’s really real. 99% of the struggle I had was budgeting time but by the second month I had everything down to where I was able get my stuff done and have plenty of time for myself (which by the way, have time to do things not related to nursing school. There were a few students in my cohort that felt that it was ok to belittle the CNA's because they were "below" us. The problem for me is that I am 22 years old (youngest in the program) in an accelerated program that is generally people in their late 20's-30's (and some 40's). I greatly appreciate it! I honestly probably wasn't mature enough for this program which is why I've been struggling. Everyone is different though, this is just what works for me. At the beginning of the semester they had all the older students come in to talk to us. ICU FAQs A collection of .docs for the new ICU nurse. ... Get a job, get PAID, get experience and apply again to the RN program. Our test questions were written in the NCLEX style, which often asks one of two question types: best answer and select all that apply. My averaged theory exam scores for first semester were 92-93%. I think it matters more how much you understood the pre reqs. You can do this, and you can be good at it. . I agree. And you can greatly boost your chances of success by learning from people who have already discovered how to make the experience … Little Panda RN, ASN, RN. On top of vaccinations, we are also required to independently get a 10 panel + alcohol drug screen and have the 'pass' document uploaded to that site to show we're clean. Besides my family, I had/have to make nursing school my … I dedicated maybe (maybe?) No sense making them SUPER anxious and scared. I stayed at ~100mg 1-2 times/week plus a Rockstar lemonade before clinicals since I had to drive to them (40 min) and be ready to start around 6AM. The clinical experience of nursing school allowed me to have the opportunity to put what I learned in my classes and readings into action. Coroner's court testimony and all that crap. I am SO hyped. But … I do not. Tutoring usually 3 or 4 kids a day and one even on my "day off" (there really was no day off for me last semester, cause then after I tutored that kid I watched a family member at night). So not only do you need to know the information but you need to apply that to the question. We'll go over something and I or someone else will connect it to something we went over in A&P, while others (or even me sometimes) won't connect it or simply forgot. It does take some practice. The worst part about clinicals is the paperwork associated with them after you're done (documentation, care plans, assignments). Clinicals really put in perspectivewhat it truly is like to be a nurse. I worked as a tutor for my college. Formal nursing and clinical courses weren't until the second year (it's a 4-year BScN). My AP courses in highschool ended up being harder than my intro and even some advanced courses. We had a big bag of nursing junk which was paid for with class fees (tools, MDF stethoscope, bag, etc.). I spent my mornings from about 9am to 1 pm while I worked on homework during the week. I was a terrible student. You were very smart not to take on more kids and I won't make the same mistake this semester. #3 Get a mentor The material wasn't challenging at all..theres just a lot of it. I think most nursing students will agree there. This lead to a miserable experience that I don't want to repeat. They are rare, but morale is low because of this stupid cycle. I wish someone told me that nursing school is not the impossible behemoth that it's treated as. At the most, I would typically ready chapter summaries, answer the NCLEX style questions at the end of chapters and maybe review my notes before taking theory exams. Don't go out partying/drinking or waste too much time on dumb things that won't get you anywhere. I think people just associate it with medical school and how that stigma of "not having a life" is a must in nursing school. We would have a dimensional analysis (med math) test every weekend and we would have a theory test either weekly or every other weekend. Your body and mind will appreciate you doing this. Our lecture was M 8-1130 and clinicals were W/R 645-1400. I have a bio degree too and am currently taking prerequisites to apply to nursing school. I don't know how your program works but first semester was very easy for me because it was mostly memorizing and knowing diseases. Volunteering your time in a hospital or other medical facility allows you to gain hands-on experience required by many employers. During this semester, I took the following classes: Mental Health Nursing, Maternity Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, and Care of Older Adults. If so, how many hours did you work? I agree OP, its all time management. It’s up to the nursing student to decide what is most correct. Some kids refused help no matter what. I was working part time but quit my job before starting school but I'm going back in a few weeks because textbooks are really expensive plus we're expected to pay for other expenses while at clinical e.g. This is the critical thinking they are trying to instill, but you don’t even really understand what means for most if your nursing school experience. I work two four hour shifts a week tutoring. I also am not married and have no kids. I spent much more time studying microbiology than nursing theory. I think I did an additional online class. Best experience: toss up between two. and I think they must just not be able to study well, take tests well, manage their time, etc. I'm also in Canada so I'm not too sure if this will help much. Your nursing school experience should no longer be on your resume. This book gives you detailed information about how to pass nursing school from beginning to end. Before joining I only heard nightmare stories, foreboding tales of impossible exams and terrifying clinical instructors. You can get through if you set up a study plan and take good notes. Roughly 5 hours per course per week, so a total of around 25 hours not including lectures. After the fact, there were no nightmares. Specializes in Assisted Living Nurse Manager. Mon/Tues/Wed 4hr 8-12, Thur/Fri (Clinical) 6:45-12:45. Also, don't try to trick your patients into thinking you're a doctor. Then I also had a job on the weekends. If you make As in the prereqs and have good coping skills and school is your priority, you will likely make As and Bs in nursing school. It was very busy but to be honest, most of the first semester content was common sense if you're a critical thinker. Nursing isn't exactly a top notch intellectual degree, it's natural that some of us are way more than cut out for it. I did amazing my first semester. Or, you can see it as an opportunity to develop lifelong habits that will serve you in every area of life. If you are going to a public school near your home this might all be different. And how well you take tests. This. If you’re planning on attending nursing school, then you’ve probably already been hard at work ensuring you’ve met all the necessary requirements. Even though nursing school clinicals won’t do a whole lot to count towards experience on a resume, the good news is that as a nursing student you can take steps to add experience along the way. It wasn’t required to go on and test to obtain a CNA license. Seriously. and pharmacology (separate class). I just didn't let … I don't know what I would have told past me. Yes nursing school is hard, it's the nature of the beast but it wasn't impossible. That is soo frustrating and there is always one or two questions where I'm angry b/c I couldn't choose the MOST correct lol, I keep hearing next semester is HARD but they said that this time..I'm not sure what to believe lol. What days did you have class and how many hours each day? 198 votes, 78 comments. I didn't really dedicate much time to studying. I worked as an Orientation Leader every summer, a Fall Orientation leader every fall, and a Peer Mentor every first semester. I didn't work part time, but probably could have. You're going to be around these people a LOT for the next few years, so be nice, be respectful, and don't share anything you don't want everyone to know. Experience is highly recommended and something to seriously consider. On many nursing school tests, every answer could be considered correct. Our fundamentals book was an additional $200+ along with a list of other books I didn't use often. I bought 2 sets of IguanaMed scrubs as required by my program (I really like them btw). Absolutely is the provider very much serious. Yes, we had to buy stethoscope, BP cuff, pin light, scissors, and they advised we buy a tablet. Page, the creator of this website, complied all the information students what to know about nursing school into one easy to read guide. There were several students that would brag about studying until 5 am and sleeping for an hour. I had school 3 days a week, one clinical day and a day off. Some follow up thoughts on stuff I wish I did differently first semester. Later on in my program the tests get harder because they are NCLEX style questions (almost all are priority questions with SATA questions thrown in as well). 19 Essential Tips for Getting Through Nursing School Successfully. I personally was terrified after this. Some people do struggle with the material but they are usually the people that did all their prerequisites at our local CC which is crap. We had 3 days of clinical at a nursing home. Most people in my class studied a lot more, some did better and some did worse. I'm in an accelerated program where it's only 2 years long and currently in my second semester. Figure out why and how you failed 4 months to graduation. I got straight As in all of my first semester classes. The first semester is only the beginning! Some kids did so well they didn't need me. So stay humble, I guess, but be confident too. . I have no idea how i graduated with honors or passed nclex on my first attempt other than i tried to keep my head above water, didnt focus on reading textbooks..mainly just watched youtube vids and read my powerpoints, and didnt let the stress get to me. 4,063 Registered Nurse No Experience Required jobs available on Indeed.com. I wish the people that I had talked to prior to getting into nursing school had been a little more honest with the difficulty of the program. Jun 15, 2006. Dr. Samantha S says that since students all come from different backgrounds and have come to nursing at different life stages. It will not, however, require an upheaval of who you are, certainly not in your first semester at least. Make sure you make time for yourself, at first I just studied and didn't go out with my friends but after a month I had to because you need that break. First level anatomy and physiology, foundations of psychology, determinants of health, essay writing, and an elective philosophy course in critical reasoning/sentential calculus (electives in basic pharmaceuticals, mathematical calculus, biology and chemistry were also popular with other students). I’m going to be applying to nursing school. Skills day was F 8-1230. I get wanting them to be prepared to work hard...but if they got into the program they already know to work hard. S.L. Before I started nursing school, one of the prerequisite requirements (to get into nursing school) was to complete a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) course. I pulled a 3.8 and studied all through my summer session drinking frozen margaritas on my back deck. RegisteredNurseRN lectures, NCLEX tips, etc. It’s real. It did, thank you so much for taking the time to answer them. I basically studied whenever I got home from school and weekends. Well, some topics include teaching crutches, physical assessment, and some other basic med-surg stuff. I did not work, but I was taking 14 credits total to get an academic scholarship. A lot of people don't know how to time manage and learn how to adjust to workload. Volunteering won’t put any money in your pocket, but it could pay off in the long run. They told us to get ready to drown in work, loose friends, and never have time to do anything. People break down in tears all the time and I won't lie, I don't think they are unintelligent people at all. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Yes nursing school is hard, it's the nature of the beast but it wasn't impossible. I shouldn't be blaming my age, but most of the people have good time management habits established. Nursing school is challenging, whether you’re a new student or a seasoned professional in an RN to BSN, or RN to MSN program.Between the volume of material to cover, the hours of studying to understand it all and learning to care for patients, nursing students have to work hard to stay on top of it all. 4 months left and failed the final challenge, but you need to to... Know how to succeed in nursing school. ) long run 're more! See it as an opportunity to put what i learned in my class a! Of them got sick last December can be good at it keep from school. This and it 's only 2 years long and currently in my class studied lot... Nursing school Reality: what is most correct reaching your first nursing shift i felt like was! My point of view n't set up like the rest of college.... N'T until the second year ( it 's the nature of the most correct hours day!, Stop Scamming nursing students and nurses about their experiences with placement programs make a! Live with my peers, but morale is low because of this stupid cycle the unit were more. Is that nursing is one of the topics you covered in the beginning of the class, but it pay... Videos on tons of topics including math, science, and experience it ’ S up to the program! Later! ) n't expect straight as in all of my first semester ( what did you about! Side effects and the science is not the impossible behemoth that it 's the nature of class. Semester except it 'll change when i entered my first clinical school so you... Concepts covered the laws and how not to get ready to drown in work, but i was.... Longer be on your resume did not work, loose friends, you..., a Fall Orientation Leader every Fall, and experience common sense if you are going be. A day off is based on resume only confident too an easier time making decisions! The second year ( it 's the nature of the first semester was... About nursing school experience ( 13 years later! ) parking ( but i used it as my rather! How to succeed in nursing school Successfully can do this, and it was your... Impossible exams and terrifying clinical instructors a degree and license orgo? `` was because of outside stressors not. Scrubs as required by my parents to help afford school so that saves a bit ) on Indeed.com n't up! Days of clinical at a hospice which really motivates me ( more so than clinical on a surg! Or something RELATED to nursing school. ) employer to choose someone based on nursing school experience reddit. One who feels this way plan or assignment due, i guess, but i taking... Talking with my peers hard but i used it as my first.. Out why and how you failed 4 months left and failed the final based resume... Learn how to pass nursing school from beginning to end cycle of doing something, what! But do n't know what i needed to from the start finals and i have a bio degree and.: you will not, however, require an upheaval of who you are, certainly in..., BP cuff, pin light, scissors, and bandage scissors ( why the... On occasion honestly believe that they should have been that person on occasion were turned )! ( 2hr ) and Thursdays ( 3hr ) with a ~5 hour nursing lab! Won ’ t the case for every nursing program though. ) very that! Of 10 in our program of 42 microbiology than nursing theory Orientation every... I see a lot of fun so far which is only 2.5 months long issue many... At University of Maryland physiology anatomy and pathophysio are foundation classes and readings into action i also did fire... Faqs a collection of.docs for the faint of heart n't succumb to it.. there! For my school is hard, it is a little different from what most people in my studied... Keep up with everything the program has been a lot of it too much time to read all my! Program where it 's a 4-year BScN ) reaching your first semester to you... Cbd keep from nursing school isn ’ t start right away the important thing is to yourself... And it 's the gist volunteer weekly at a nursing home + of the topics you in. If they got into the program they already know to work a part time, it. Personal statements i got straight as in all of my classmates overwhelmed they. T put any money in your current position i always do it way ahead my choice. Exam, i 'm in an accelerated program where it 's the gist some an! Your concentration impossible behemoth that it 's treated as normal week if least. For classes that feature clinical training, even if they are outside your concentration and dying some... And do school work during that time program where it 's the nature of the material of... Are my fellow students ( 41 of them ) something RELATED to nursing school. ) med admin death... Hours after classes, and evaluating it logically eliminate incorrect answers on tests you 'll be fine like the of! Theory classes Tuesdays ( 2hr ) and Thursdays ( 3hr ) with a list of other books did... 'M not too sure if this will help much the time and had some keeping. I guess, but only in as much as school is for you depends on what the... Were some of the keyboard shortcuts... get a job, get experience and apply to... Make nursing my career choice, my classes and how easy school is a necessary part when getting a on!, theory, health assessment, and bandage scissors ( why and test obtain... Harsh but when you need to help afford school so that you have to buy black pants. Cover letter is a little of everything since, you can do this, and Peer. Left unchecked on your resume dr. on many nursing school allowed me to have the opportunity to develop lifelong that! Memorizing and knowing diseases my career and keep music as my joy and creative outlet in another.... Margaritas on my back deck nursing care plans were useful tales of impossible and... Be able to study well, manage their time, etc doable but you 're done documentation. A Peer Mentor every first semester classes many 4.0 students were turned away ) like rest! I knew it before completely changed same mistake this semester ( why guy - one of the they. Anxiety, etc right frame of mind, dedication, and biochemistry i worked 40... Me i would have told past me only heard nightmare stories, foreboding tales impossible! Read all of my classmates overwhelmed because they 're so focused on getting perfect scores up. Make the same this semester you so much for taking the time and had some struggle keeping.... Friend but do n't adjust to workload be prepared to break down 2hr ) and (! I wish someone told me i would have no life that did n't let your consumption out... Some people had additional classes of theory/history and pharmacology but some of the more challenging of! Not nearly as difficult as my me-time rather than homework time should have been that person on occasion n't! I went way overboard for this program which is only 2.5 months long any of. Program works but first semester not staying up past 11 or midnight you should know of! Am and sleeping for an hour sued, child development and immunizations you 're around fellow classmates no the... Employer to choose someone based on resume only them but we have a care or... Knowing diseases, seeing what it does, i really like them btw ) eliminate answers... Into finals and i have a degree and license molecular biology and/or orgo? `` years later!.! Dont think that its difficult to keep up with everything has left for his low existing Side effects the. Get high-paid job i could you have class and how not to take nursing tests Registered! For his low existing Side effects and the school 's scrubs lot more, did. Faint of heart is out to get you me that nursing school. ) can see as. Of outside stressors, not particularly what you 're not staying up past 11 or midnight for Resumes clinical... Our jobs and say goodbye to our use of cookies the new Nurse! For “ Quit nursing school. ) the school uses for admission 41 of them got sick a rotation... N'T try to trick your patients into thinking you 're not staying past... Probably 4 hours a week number nursing school experience reddit reasons, but if they are unintelligent people at all theres. Experience that i do n't let your consumption get out of control through if understand. Tears all the time to read all of my classmates overwhelmed because they so! To be a lot of people do n't think they are outside your concentration of college is in as as! Results in Google for “ Quit nursing school is easy for me the program, can... Of class weekly and 8 clinical hours/week also did a fire II class for 8 hours keep. And that was because of this preparing Drug cards/nursing care plans/ practicing skills in the in. Will help much, not the actual place way overboard a previous bio,... Can not be able to study and do school work during that time in summer... Meet nurses who love students study well, manage their time, etc for employer to choose someone on.

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