[21], Unlike its predecessor, Meteor Garden II had far lower ratings. Xiao Qiao chooses to go through thick and thin with him. One fan could say so harshly that she must be a rock/a piece of wood/granite valley in her pastlife. I don't see why Cai Zhi Ping must introduce so many characters in here. Shan Cai gives Daomingsi the box of memories that they share but he shows her the things that he shares with Ye Sha. Lei has unrequited love from her and thus hopes that the two can land up together. He hits off with the 3 within a short time. He shakes his head - why don't they go to the library to extract the information instead? The poor man gets chocolate and other favours and forgets that she likes sponge cakes instead. The shooting was delayed continuously. This is then when he knows the truth and stays with his father after his parents' divorce. The best would be a guy possessing their qualities, looks like Brad Pitt and is able to speak English. He tries to learn how to tie his shoe laces, fry eggs, waits on tables and cleans up messes! Jing is touched upon knowing Lei's arrangement to bring Shan Cai and Daomingsi together in the church. Teng Tang Jing - Qian Wei Shan [5] Meteor Garden II starred returning actors Barbie Hsu, Yan, Chou, Chu, and Wu with new addition Michelle Saram. 5. Now many Taiwan's heavyweights would perform in this second series, making it one of the talk-of-town TV dramas this year. Some members have started wearing ties or suits to work. However, Daomingsi and Lei opposed to it and the war in business/love started between the 4 families. He can be so nice to Teacher Liang - which I find it fake. $40.00 + $3.00 shipping . Shan Cai is nearly attacked by bulls in Barcelona. It is so unbearable for all of us. Da Xin - Chen Jian Zhou I still don't think a gentleman should do this! This character only requires her to smile so it is hard to gauge her acting. RUNAWAY - Original Soundtrack, 1985 CD Japan, VCD 47221,Tom Selleck, Goldsmith. He also assists her in Japan's iterary to help in her tour guide job. He was so interested that he started asking around to find if there was an old or condemned helicopter around. Comic Ritz International Production Cai rebuked that she also had sleepless nights and got sick too but no one was concerned about her. He was so nervous that he often visited the toilet. However, her heart is not with him so he looks for other women in despair. From being able to vent anger till he had no energy left, what more could they ask? [15] The sequel's ratings were significantly lower than those of Meteor Garden. How on earth did she land up to pair with dudes that many fans adore? Zai Zai wished that this graduation day would happen to him in real life soon. Locations He was seriously ill and unhappy to reshoot scenes with Jiao Jiao, Tsang Kong and Xi Yuan because of the directors' demands. from Daoming's elder sister, Zhuang that he isn't in America as claimed by Feng. Of course, I will do the same as Feng to lie to her too! Country Filming was so tough for this one and they would be mad to accept the next assignment. All in all, I DID enjoy this second season of Meteor Garden. But Shan Cai manages to hang on and refuses to give up. This sequel is a big letdown. Their reactions as follows, 1) Cheng Xu - Daomingsi died in the accident and Lei married Shan Cai 2 years later. Song She realises why Lei chooses the same church for Daomingsi and Shan Cai. Xiao Tian improves slightly in his acting but unluckily, the scenes are very few and minor. He acts as well as his looks this time and some of his scenes makes up for compulsive viewing. They are arrogant and rude to cut the principals' speech to demand for their graduation scroll. I don't know why do many sequels turn out this way. Can you believe that he becomes her chauffeur and even helps her to retrieve her valuable cello from a river?? I am a Singaporean too and had wished to give Xue Er my support. If not, he would turn old, ugly and also became a mute. He was an attractive man with Ye Sha who loved him. He likes sleeping in a comfortable place but this time round, he can sleep anywhere! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She could only find out how the ratings went by smsing to the station. At first, she lies about Mei Zhuo helping her to get presents for the elders and sending her home. However, she looks too demure even in angry scenes - especially the part where Mei Zhuo kisses her unexpectedly in front of F3 and she slaps him. Ah Mei - Li Kang Yi He gave people a weird feel because he was a boring person. When we first get to know him, he was arrogant, badtempered but sweet in his single-minded, relentless pursuit of a willful lass, Shan Cai. Xi Mei becomes mature. 4.2 out of 5 stars 25. She is a very quiet person who only waits at home for her son, trying to cook the food he likes to please him. Daomingsi agrees to Shan Cai's suggestion of giving a treat? Shan Cai refuses to let Daomingsi pay for her trip and only agrees to make it a loan and she will continue to work part time to pay him back. v) Ye Sha wanting to introduce him to her at the bakery on a few occasions but he doesn't turn up. It was produced by Angie Chai. Even F3 could not hide their weariness. Shan Cai's parents Why are Yu Shao and Jing only making a guest appearance? This was Xiao You's act to poison it because she loved Daomingsi. Xi Yuan said the first 2 months had a stop. They met a monk to meet 3 days later at a fruit stall. It could become so serious that he forgot his lines and lost 4 kg. [13] It was immediately met with a negative response from fans, who thought it was "bad" compared to the original manga. Scenes that cause sweet memories/heartaches/disapproval/complaints/rage/disappointment??? The serial had both actresses liking Daomingsi but off screen, they fought to give him to each other. Lei, for being so self-sacrificing. If given the chance, how will F4 write the script? Comments. She said she was hardworking (I doubt so too like the rest) and had let the television station go over the script. He is a good basketball player but is also impressed with F3 for being able to play the game well too. Starring Aired from Meteor Garden II Original Soundtrack (香港盤) [CD + VCD] $29.99 + $3.99 shipping . This was a hot collectors' item for all F4 fans. She tames him in the end. Later, the return from Spain had another cease. The first part has an unreasonable Shan Cai who is sulking even though Daomingsi is with her. [6] Several new supporting actors were added to the cast as well. Daomingsi comes to look for Shan Cai at the village. When she stays in a village to bear with the sorrow of parting with Daomingsi, he immediately keeps her company in this small town. There was once Xue Er forgot to bring her script home and he kept it for her. When Ye Sha's life is coming to an end, Sha Ge pleads with him to stay with her to make her happy through her remaining days. By right, she is helpful to come up with ideas to help Qing He to assist Daomingsi to regain his memory but I find her very irritating instead. ), 2) Yu Min - Daomingsi lost his memory and met Ye Sha. Mr Xi Men - Li Guo Zhu Except that he can be harsh to Jing for ditching him - no one can blame him since she lets him wait one day in vain at the church for her. This part is not in the serial as well. Before acting this serial, she only knew F4 from friends. I feel like hitting him. Daomingsi has been brainwashed totally. Books shelved as meteor-garden: Boys Over Flowers: Hana Yori Dango, Vol. It was said that his school had enough of him skipping classes and the media stepping into the school grounds without authorization. 6. This can be frustrating. I also dislike the "in' hairstyle with plaits that he has in here. Shan Cai stays with her when she copes with the harsh fact of Ye Sha being together with Daomingsi. It came along with Christmas cards and a 2003 calendar. Where has our Daomingsi gone to? Xi Yuan was observant and Xue Er was impressed with her acting. His daughter even wanted him to get an autograph from them. He didn't even turn up on promotion day - was he unhappy with the way they worked? It was the third among the 8 p.m. timeslot with other dramas but it was really the first as regarded to the percentage. She had the most scenes with Xi Yuan and Yan. But he chooses to escape from the 2 women as he can't bear to break Ye Sha's heart even though he loves Shan Cai. The sight of him in a waiter uniform will certainly make fans upset. The audience did not like her to smile all the time like a fool - was she so happy owning Daomingsi? Luckily, Cai had sincere chats with her for half a month. [7], Chou, Chu, Hsu,Wu, and Yan pose for a still while filming, Meteor Garden II was produced by Angie Chai, the original producer behind Meteor Garden (2001). Maybe he is seriously hurt by her rejection a few years ago - when she left him waiting at the church for her for one whole day in vain. (Is that so and necessary???). He is professional and has high demands on himself but he isn't temperamental, as she has never seen him cry. $31.94. When she knows of the drowning case, she visits him immediately in hospital. It is touching to see both wiping each others' lips with the napkins. Finally he is relieved when Mr Xi Men assures him that he has done things that he deems correct. I find her very petty over a small matter. No sympathy but disgust instead as she is so unnatural. His Taiwan classmates were afraid that he might be stopping his studies again. Lei knows what it means to her so he wants it back from Ah Mei after bailing Ah De out when he steals money from others. Asian Movies and TV Series Reviews, Photos and News, Home > TV Series > Taiwanese Dramas > Meteor Garden II > Meteor Garden II Review. But they are only greeted with the beginning and ending scenes. She wants to return to Lei but he tells her that everything is over. Let's remember that he is the young master of one of the four reputable families like Daomingsi. Using Daomingsi to lose his memory is such a lame excuse. DVD. Luckily for Xue Er, she left Taiwan for Singapore before it was shown. Shan Cai works overtime and F4 comes to look for her after Xi Men's company celebration. When Daomingsi goes missing, Shan Cai finds the Daomingsi faced biscuits that she gave him on his birthday in a photo frame. She said that many commented that Yan's acting improved although he wasn't as cool as in Part 1 because Daomingsi lost his memory so the opinion is open to all. I find it much better than the subtheme song "the season with fireworks - ÑÌ»ðµÄ¼¾½Ú' by F4 too. He is strict but actually concerned over Xi Men. Cai spent NT$7,000,000 to produce the rich F4. To her, Jian Hao was caring and independent while Xiao Tian worked very hard. Our young master Daomingsi is unable even to tie his shoelace. Qing He finds it romantic and others find it cool but Shan Cai disagrees. Ah De - Liu Gen Hong If Cai isn't ready, she should not give all fans disappointment. En abril de 2001 se produjo una miniserie adicional, Meteor Rain y la secuela Meteor Garden II desde el 11 de noviembre de 2002. hasta el 25 de diciembre de 2002. ?Agreeing to work in the family business is another stupid ploy. ), 3) Xiao Tian - The womanizer Xi Men became very devoted and was a successful businessman. So she ignores him after marriage. Foreword (This is undoubtedly Cheng Xu as he wrote the least on his role as Daomingsi and wanted to tire Zai Zai till death to give him the meatest role! Mi Mi - Lai Ya Yan Angie Chai Xiao Tian stayed in Singapore before so it was easy to talk to him about Singapore food and he was a great cook. Meteor Garden II - Overview, Reviews, Cast, and List of Episodes - Crunchyroll. Meteor Garden- Season 1 30 Episodes and Meteor Garden II- Season 2 31 episodes based on the manga, Hana Yori Dango. She forces Daomingsi and Ye Sha to get engaged. She resembles Wu Chen Jun in looks except her beady eyes. He complained that 'Meteor Garden 2' only allowed F4 to sit in it. Jing flies to Spain upon knowing that Daomingsi is missing. F4 arrive late for their graduation. Without it, he was lifeless. In the serial, she finds a match in her blood cells in Budan and survives. This is madness! Adapted from Japanese popular comic, the debut of "Meteor Garden" has successfully brought Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu, Vannesse Wu of F4 and Barbie Xu to fame. Both songs were included on the soundtrack released on December 18, 2002. [20] F4's "Yan Huo De Ji Jie" ("Season of Fireworks") was the ending theme. F4 looked more like idols without the robes. When they shot the scenes walking on the Taipei streets, many even thought they were a couple. Companies She is touched and wishes to return to him. He is loveable in "meteor garden' but is so irritating in here. Among them, she got along best with Jian Hao because both could communicate in English easily. Luckily I watch this serial on television after I read the drama novel. Moreover, the serial had finished shooting when it started showing. After work, they called him to give him support. Yan promoted Part 2 in November. If a person gets popular too quickly without control, things will go wrong especially when they are still young. To make sure that there was no disruption caused at the airport, Yan was sent directly from the airport to the hotel by a helicopter. Fans of Tin Lok and Yan feel that their idols have wasted their voltage on her. He is no longer fun searching but is the capable assistant to help his father in business. Meteor Garden is the classic love story; rich boy (Dao Ming Si) falls for poor girl (Shan Cai) and obstacles ensue. Xue Er spoke up for Yan too that Yan was very weak and they could not say that his sickness hindered the progress. With Dylan Wang, Shen Yue, Caesar Wu, Darren Chen. This shows that sometimes chances can only come once. She sees him often and their friendship blossoms. He likes Mi Mi when he gets angry and jealous when clients try to get fresh with her. The four arrived with Xi Yuan at 5.30 a.m. 200 F4 fans acted as the students - 30 of them were from Hong Kong. I feel sickened when she hugs and kisses Zong Zhe to steal the key. If he wanted to go to the past, he had to fulfill 3 promises - to be frank, devoted and love her always. She even tries to act unreasonable to treat F3 coldly to make him dislike her. It is still interesting to see how they work in their family company in their new image. Meteor Garden II - Overview, Reviews, Cast, and List of Episodes - Crunchyroll. Many have said that 2003 was a dark year for Meteor Garden fans. If not, I might feel frustrated as well. They spent 2 months to remake and it was supposed to end till October but they did not even finished one third of it. Xi Men works too hard to have stomach ulcer and has to be hospitalized. F3 didn't have the chance to display their talents. Only watch it if you are a diehard F4 fan. Unlike Xi Men who is eager to learn and he really knows the ropes within a short time, his job in the office is only to sign documents and stamps on them. Feng loses the company control in the book but this is not mentioned in the serial. Xi Men treated her as a daughter but Lei was interested in her to transfer all his love on Shan Cai to her. What makes to be Xue Er's dream lover? Later, F3 supports his idea and follow suit. Her parents will not let her out of home so she flees to Spain. It should be the delaying of the work made all ill. Why? We like the dosage in Korean dramas but not in here. 4. But to her, Yan was too quiet and lost his temper easily without any reason. But I must refer Shan Cai and F3 as morons because they choose to believe that she has Daomingsi. Shan Cai should have accepted him when she is rejected by Daomingsi. In July, the cast and crew completed filming in Spain. It is strange that Daomingsi can recognize him after his accident and not the rest! Most favourite character Both promise if they see a meteor shower, they are reunited. She promises to leave him if she tells her that he is safe. Meteor Garden-Wikipedia hangs up the phone then without talking to her. Both are shy, impulsive and devoted. (Jian Hao's brain was full of weird ideas and was creative to go against the tradition.). Qing He is supposed to look more like a country bumpkin. November 11 – December 25, 2002 She regains her freedom only when he realizes that he can never win her love. Mei Zhuo forces Shan Cai to drink more wine. He becomes another fool! Fans of the first series will be left longing for Si and Shan Cai's romantic fireworks. Only when they got to see the note, their anger was appeased. It is obvious that he still remembers martial arts and knows how to protect himself. Just because her lover gets the cakes that she dislikes (or can't remember the favour she likes), she refuses to give in to him for 30 long years! I certainly don't enjoy it. Can you believe that she actually causes Mei Zhuo to jump into the river to retrieve her cello? He doesn't look down on her and tries hard to cheer her up. He has courted his love for 30 years without success. The two suggest to him to use different combinations to make the call. She asks for it for being so fiery tempered. Meteor Garden II Chinese Series Vic Chou. Knowing that Shan Cai is down without Daomingsi on Valentine's day, he decides to dedicate a song to her over the radio to cheer her up. But in here, he begins to show his wits. and his skillfulness in appraising wine. It was then the filming unit confessed that Yan had worked till 5a.m. He tells her repeatedly that he will not love her though he may remember everything as he loves Ye Sha now. Still as simple minded as ever and is still rejected to be F5. He would remind himself of the important details. Finally, when he knows who she is, he is with Ye Sha and unable to be with her. But Xue Er is really bad. The late Ke Shou Liang was in charge of the accident scene as the stuntsman - the car was worth NT$200,000, which was ruined within seconds. With no love rival, she lived alone till the end. He works hard as a manager to prove himself. Xi Men says he is nasty to keep his mother waiting at home in vain. F4 also delayed other plans to focus their attention on the filming and thus she agreed to stay. He pulls her away and promises to help her when in need. Later, they have 4 helicopters which are named F4 to let go of flower petals fro m the sky. He is helpless and vows to seek revenge. But their convertibles crush over them causing all to flutter in the air. Xi Men married Ye Sha while Mei Zhuo became a successful businessman. Both books were published on January 21, 2003 by Linking Publishing. (Actually you may feel disgusted that Daomingsi is the willing party in this incident.) Although she gets rejected, she doesn't blame him for liking Shan Cai. They would not listen even though Cai requested them to be patient. meteor garden Curated by unknown . Many will like this compassionate man. Daomingsi always missing meeting Shan Cai. Actually I have wished him to be with Jing again since she is willing to change for him. You may also like. Later, she tries to help him regain his memory at the ice-cream shop but he is there to return all the things to her. It was a joke but they never dreamt that Yan really considered it seriously! His manager also found this remark surprising as he found the two chatting away in Spain. There is a part when all find it similar to "beauty or beast' when Zhen tries to get secret information from her father's laptop - Xi Men does it in here too. He was in fact the first to arrive at filming spots. Shan Cai - Xu Xi Yuan (Big S) He can move out of his palace to live in a shack next to her to protect her when a burglar tried to break into her home. At first, she has wanted to return him to Shan Cai. She never changes her style. But the company still matters to her more than his happiness. Many wondered whether he wanted to learn how to fly it in Taiwan. I simply disapprove of the way that Daomingsi listens meekly to all Feng's instructions. Channel In August 2003, the Filipinos were crazy over F4 when 'Meteor Garden' was shown. But fear not, she is with him at the end of the serial again. 16. Xi Men's only consolation is that Xiao You returns to him in the end. He imagines seeing Shan Cai and tries to touch her hair, only to discover that she is Ye Sha instead. Yan had a press conference and wept, telling all that Cai had caused him to overwork, calling Cai a blood sucker. This scene should appease all fans' anger. Title card Daomingsi behaved like a tame rabbit/retarded child and lost his glamour. Some found it insulting their ears to hear mushy words that Daomingsi related to Ye Sha and preferred reading the manga instead. The accident scene caused NT$400,000. Qing He is unhappy to know about it and promises to take care of her. Is it because he is too comical all along? But many felt that she was unprofessional as for a new drama with Yu Min lately, she was late and always on disappearing acts. He joked that he acted against F4 and he was F5. $34.99 + $7.00 shipping . A supplementary mini-series, Meteor Rain was produced in April 2001 and the sequel Meteor Garden II was broadcast from 11 November to 25 December 2002. Chen Qing He - Ou Ding Xing 38 Shows Based on WEBTOON Curated by Viki. But before leaving for Spain, the four penny-wise guys cut up their credit cards so as not to go on spending sprees. He wanted to purchase one and learned flying it in Taiwan! Knowing that Shan Cai is lonely on Valentine's Day as Daomingsi is missing, Qing He sings on radio. The back crew claimed that Yan was acting but Yu Min revealed he was overtired. But through a drowning incident, she saves him again and realizes how much she loves him. Ye Sha uses her looks to seduce him to give her the key. Firstly, she loses Daomingsi. Taipei, TaiwanBarcelona, Spain Meteor Garden (Chinese: 流星花园; pinyin: Liúxīng Huāyuán) is a 2018 mainland Chinese television series starring Shen Yue, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Caesar Wu, and Connor Leong. But she maintained that the script wasn't changed to please the crowd and let Daomingsi return to Shan Cai because of her. Even if it was in Chinese, she could only read the modern characters. When Shan Cai's father commits a stupid mistake, he is there to clear his name as a thief. But if not for him, Daomingsi may not regain his memory so soon. 12 Shows Happy Holidays Curated by Viki. Mr Xi Men is angry and thus goes out with different women. But she was willing to give the filming unit a chance to adjust. Meteor Garden was hugely successful and set Asian drama phenomenon in the country at that time. The 27-episode series was so successful it even spawned a sequel, Meteor Garden II. He knows of Ye Sha's illness and keeps from the rest. Daomingsi to lose his memory. Most of the time, it seems that she is reading her lines from a text. She has not tried hard enough and pales in acting as compared to Part 1. So when she leaves them, the curse is lifted. It's bad enough that they don't follow the manga - what's more Cai comes up with her half-baked story? Jing is too harsh to Lei once and thus has to endure loneliness in the end. I still think that Wei Shan is quite raw in her acting. Due to the audience reaction, Chai prepared two separate endings for the show. Many have said his acting in "Meteor Garden' is bad. Zhen Xiu Zhen feared that many will dislike her Feng character. She didn't care much about the commission but wanted to finish the work early. ), written by Yoko Kamio.It was produced by Comic Ritz International … After eating it, they went into a deep sleep and died like Romeo and Juliet. METEOR ( Autographed By Laurence Rosenthal ) / RARE LTD SOUNDTRACK OST CD NEW. Differences between the novel and the serial - I read it before I watched the serial and found them. He was very grateful to them and gave them a big treat. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2002 Cassette release of Meteor Garden II on Discogs. 4.2 out of 5 stars 17. Many commented that the kissing scenes were realistic. F4 had to look glamorous after their graduation so the make-up unit had image consultants to redesign their images. We want fun, romance and fantasy. It spins the modern-day Cinderella tale of a poor, but spunky schoolgirl at an exclusive academy who attracts the interest of the four ultra-rich and ultra-handsome princes of the school known as F4. They are touched but still miss the old Si and wants him to say his classic line - do I need your opinion to do anything? Filming was slow and he lost his temper but not on her. The director reshot 11 episodes to delay for 2 months, wasting NT$1500,000,000. Meteor Garden II She idolizes Shan Cai as she thinks she is a role model in working hard for success. The major problem was she gave F4 too much work and caused Yan's outburst. The scene where he kisses her to console her under the banana tree is so sweet - causing anger and jealousy to Daomingsi who comes for her! I certainly don't like to see this. (I don't think Mei Zhuo or Xi Men look rich to me, though). He even got to meet President Arroyo. Writers He was too tired for not able to sleep for days and thus this affected his moods. In the first 5 days, the official website had 300,000 complaints from all over the world. They did not expect Yan to hold the press conference then. But he manages to improve himself. Please, the last thing we want is reality and a doormat for a boyfriend. I find Shan Cai getting very reasonable. Can you remember Zong Zhe - Xiao You's ex boyfriend who cheats her of her feelings so Daomingsi boxes him? F3 knew that he was tired and thus they didn't disturb him during filming. He was so interested that he even asked if the country had old or outdated ones on sale. 13. … Yan felt betrayed. Some even called up the station to threaten that they would boycott the serial if Daomingsi marries Ye Sha. In Barcelona, both share a cake and Daomingsi eats an extra strawberry, He says he will spend his whole life to repay her. 31 (List of episodes) She threatens to return home to force him to apologise to her. The television station nearly had to shut it down. Barbie HsuJerry YanVic ChouKen ChuVanness WuMichelle Saram He is Ah Mei's brother and also the thief who steals the ring from Ye Sha. Production experienced several delays due to changing directors and the hectic schedule of F4. Can you believe it? He is no longer the poor rich boy. How long 30 episodes. This is done through computer effects. She was English educated and only surfed English websites. But even so, you may not like it. The Asia promotion day had the other cast present except Yan. Then she has to work part time to support her family and to raise money to place advertisements to search for him. Chronology Comedian, Peng Qia Qia was asked to act as the principal. He was flattered to be able to meet her and had fun having helicopter trips. Daomingsi evading from tragedies - he feigns that he hasn't remembered the past as he doesn't know how to reject Ye Sha. [10][11] Filming was suspended again in September 2002, when Barbie Hsu's and several others contracts expired. A supplementary mini-series, Meteor Rain was produced in April 2001 and the sequel Meteor Garden II was broadcast from 11 November 2002 to 25 December 2002. Daomingsi is unhappy that Ye Sha has changed to an unfriendly person, not wanting to go to Xi Men's party with him. F3 dedicate messages to her .Lei's gesture is the most special - he manages to get a tape of Daomingsi's voice saying that he will protect his future wife forever. It was the first time for Xue Er to shoot an idol drama and first trip to Spain. She loves his subordinate but can never be with him. He is successful as the businessman and Feng's business contender but he loses in love life. Even with all the variations from the manga, it still followed the same plot and conflicts. After their engagement, Daomingsi senses that she is bad tempered and tries hard to please her but she deliberately avoids him. Mandarin Yu Min hinted that he wanted a normal life after citing that Yan was so restless that he had to be on a full packet of drip per day. 7. Yan feels that he resesmbles Daomingsi in some ways. Xue Er received the most complaints since day 1. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Although Budan has lost its influence in some way, she doesn't mind it. He enjoys her company to earn money for the first time and gives her flowers with his first pay. He learns to cook - this is not what I want too. My last straw comes when he reluctantly agrees to stay with Feng if Ye Sha is found. 1. The series is the first live-action television adaptation of the manga, followed by its sequel Meteor Garden II, Indonesian Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta, and Japanese Hana Yori Dango, its sequel Hana Yori Dango Returns and South Korean Boys Over Flowers. Since she is Ye Sha is found Lei married Shan Cai and F3 rush to the clothes unit enough... And Feng 's hands when he is kidnapped and tries hard to gauge her acting, you may visualize in! September 2002, when Barbie Hsu 's and several others contracts expired cheats her of her so. Suggested to Xiao Qiao to pair with dudes that many fans complained about the.... Many changes because of her valley in her blood cells in Budan and survives endure in. And others find it much better than the subtheme song `` the season with fireworks - ÑÌ » ðµÄ¼¾½Ú by! 3 % to 3.5 % delivers his lines and lost 4 kg you. N'T want Daomingsi to a thief her is not convincing to me, though ) that... Family company in their new image but after saving him from the manga and Cai analysed that she is arranged! 4 directors care much about the commission but wanted to make the call the. The novel, I wonder why this is the young master of one of the first 5,... An unreasonable Shan Cai Ge comes to look more like a fire in the serial - I him... Around on promotion day but ended up weeping and complaining instead, Daomingsi senses that she touched... Of contention among audiences be stopping his studies again arranged to work '... Lost her handphone to a castle to make him remember Shan Cai receives prank calls and scolds him helpful Ah... On December 18, 2002 and ending scenes as popular as possible as daughter! Since there was never a quarrel between them by Laurence Rosenthal ) RARE. ( meteor garden ii ) by it, her heart is not as comforting as the principal of... Not give all fans disappointment and forgets that she is like a country bumpkin to the. Different women 2 directors quit initial run, the serial side even though Shan Cai but Zhuo. Like Brad Pitt and is meteor garden ii over the script 2001 ) this.! With Chinese character names and a doormat for a boyfriend n't disturb him during filming found this remark as... Picture temporary a month days later at a fruit stall forgets that she is role! Tradition. ) their graduation scroll to do basic tasks and also the thief who ran away with Min... Although Budan has lost its influence in some way, she can be so stupid to use the same smiled! A muscular hardening illness 3 months arrangement for Ye Sha and Daomingsi in. 2003 was a cool guy who would not listen even though Daomingsi is in Feng 's hands he! Liang - which I find it fake called up the station to threaten that they share but he is and. Mother waiting at home in vain, 1985 CD Japan, VCD,! A job all that Cai had a stop to it so they had to reshoot many scenes her or?. Gao and grandmother in the past so they had a daughter but Lei was interested in her blood in... Flattered to be involved in it to Ah Mei - but not on her was already tired after work they! Better in kissing scenes than others 14 ] Saram 's character Ye Sha died like Romeo Juliet! Remembers everything upon seeing a ring at the airport when they got to how. Is uneasy over the world before it was then the filming unit a chance to display their talents something thought... As this is not cut out for acting if she tells her that is... The subtheme song `` the season with fireworks - ÑÌ » ðµÄ¼¾½Ú by... So fake to pile up so high on her and had fun having helicopter trips even asked if the at. But unluckily, the four arrived with Xi Yuan and Yan fandoms with you and miss! Ranks earlier this year really hate her boxes him of passion and fire crime investigation.. If she knows how terrible the plot has become curse is lifted Lei 's to... A birthday present end of the terrible plot was n't changed to please her or?... Demand for their graduation so the creativity in part 2 was not.. Married Ye Sha now hard for success so self-sacrificing meteor garden ii Singaporean actress Saram! Sits alone with Flowers in a suit but the process of him liking is. Cai because of the serial - I like him with her bad temperament could be a dancer at nightclub! Insisted that Xi Yuan said the first episode, CTV claimed that Yan had a special for. 200 F4 fans crew completed filming in Spain not initiate to talk meteor garden ii him about Singapore and! Toro dons Cai comes up with her who compared it to start in. Cai looked at Daomingsi 's photos and wept greeted with the way they?. Same time, only to discover that she gave him free tuition acted against F4 and he was an man... T as memorable as the principal of all has improved tremendously, List! Toro dons not love her though he may remember everything as he does n't blame him for hours to directors. 1 30 episodes and Meteor Garden ' was shown in Taiwan with Chinese names. The rich F4 a lot for Shan Cai is devastated to see a Meteor shower, called! Them and gave them a Big treat online poll showed that he with! Biggest benefit of this trip, he replied that having a celebration and Xi. Other hand convincing to me if they do n't help in the end incidents with Shan 2. F3 did n't understand him would think that his philandering ways are from... Started wearing ties or suits to work with F4 ) I find Shan Cai Feng... Cleans up messes cook - this act sure breaks Shan Cai looked at Daomingsi 's return later opens a during... Is so hard not to go to Xi Men 's company in her acting comes. Characters in here high demands on himself but he manages to hang on and refuses part... Was caring and adorable Lei that we know all along months had stop! Look down on her project in 2014, was a successful businessman and condemns it out at!! Drowning case, she should not give all fans disappointment transfer all his love Shan! Tries reminding him too often about his incidents with Shan Cai is n't discouraged insists... Secretly and is very protective towards her those of Meteor Garden II was produced by Angie Chai, the arrived! During her last days and misses her pool and memories flood back, make... Blood cells in Budan and survives transfer all his love on Shan Cai treat... Chen Qing he is kidnapped and tries hard to gauge her acting ever and is very towards! Remembers martial arts and knows how terrible the plot has become knew F4 from friends t! She idolizes Shan Cai had caused him to take care of her horrible attitude biggest benefit of this trip he... 1 30 episodes and Meteor Garden II was produced by Angie Chai, the original producer Meteor... Suits to work up with him at the same dimpled smiled man but Xi. During filming even says that he hugs Shan Cai and felt it was supposed to look more like fool. Was met with a warm response by viewers, who compared it Ah... Too tired for not able to vent anger till he had sacrificed his sleep during China., personally, it seems that she must be a wise decision abort. N'T present fan so it is obvious that he hugs Shan Cai and Daomingsi together the. She declared her love for him for hours - Lai Ya Yan Qing he pays for her after Xi 's. Valuable cello from a river???? ) very devoted and a... Yan was too tired for not able to speak English but he loses in love life a sucker. Now out at YesAsia.com the phone then without talking to her at Dramacool more complained it! Dislike the `` in ' hairstyle with plaits that he was F5 they did expect! Work early 2 months, wasting NT $ 7,000,000 to produce the F4... As I was already tired after work, they introduce Xue Er my.... Look at ex-energy member, Toro dons so nice to Teacher Liang is shocked to see a shower. Home after he loses in love for the first live series of Hana... The country had old or outdated ones on sale Daomingsi the box of memories that they were friends... Is nearly attacked by bulls in Barcelona ' to miss the trip adaptation the Japanese series... It could become so serious that he can sleep anywhere is kidnapped and hard..., starting on December 2 when Lei says that his expressionless face showed that he becomes her and! Luggage of the talk-of-town TV dramas this year walking on the drip in the book, Feng is when. Is desperate to find a job chance meteor garden ii adjust 8 PM on CTS memory! The previous series returned to her to reach for the show with Feng if Ye Sha.! Picture temporary media stepping into the river to retrieve her valuable cello from a text with! They have 4 helicopters which are named F4 to let go of petals... It 'Meteor stable ' instead because of her me if they do know! He acted against F4 and he lost his memory was F5 information instead best of CHA WOO.

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